Flood Austin With Letters

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Texas Capitol with Letters to SenatorLet’s Take Action!
Let’s Flood Austin With Letters!!

In Texas the 83rd Legislative Session is in progress. Lets take action now!!
Don’t Let Our Legislatures Leave Without Taking CSCOPE Out Of Our Schools

You can Make a Difference. Encourage everyone you know to write letters.

Below  are tools for you to use to make a difference.

Special thanks to Bill Hussey and Bill Ames for providing the links below. An extra special thanks to www.womenonthewall.com for allowing these links to be posted on this website.

Send letters to Austin!!!





Texas School Boards and School Administrators are meeting now to determine what will be used in the 2013 – 2014 school term.

Parents, grandparents, and others need to know how CSCOPE is hurting our children.

Below are links for you to use to #StopCSCOPE and #StopCommonCore

Click here Instructions for CSCOPE Letter to the local Newspapers













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  1. Shirley Smith says:

    Our high school was fired. Top reason on sup’s list on his evaluation was the fact that he did not make his teachers use c-scope. My sister was his secretary and actually has the evaluation if it could be used as evidence of abuse.