Flawed CSCOPE 5th Magnet Lesson

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Ed Vera, CSCOPE Instruction Director, says that correct lessons are top priority.

But, after six years with thousands of educators reporting CSCOPE errors, CSCOPE lessons are still very incorrect. 

Superintendents have fallaciously asked what can be used to replace CSCOPE.

How about text books.

I promote that CSCOPE be removed from Texas Schools, and text books be purchased.
As to clarification of the TEKS, with the help of teachers, a free website can be created with detailed clarifications of the TEKS for every subject. Also, example activities can be added.

There is absolutely no need for CSCOPE.

CSCOPE is a detriment to education.

If educators will report incorrect lessons. I’ll make every effort to correct the science lessons and have others help with lessons for other subjects. The primary thing is for our kids to not waste any more time because our Education Service Centers are lining their pockets instead of providing educational services to schools.

Magnet Lesson

5th science unit 2 lesson 1

 CSCOPE In Black Type


What else has a north and south pole? [Students should respond that the Earth has a north and south pole. Guide students in their thinking to help them draw the conclusion that the Earth is also a magnet.]


 Earth has magnetic properties, but it is not a magnet.



Facilitate a discussion on the ways that attraction and repulsion are seen and used as a part of their lives. Assist the discussion as necessary to ensure that the following points are brought up:

The Earth’s magnetic field protects the Earth from dangerous radiation from the Sun.

RADIATION IS NOT PART OF THE LESSON. Kids need to know that the magnetic field around Earth is called the “Magnetosphere.” Kids also need to know that not all radiation from the Sun is dangerous. Visible light is a one type of radiation. 

A compass points north because the iron needle is attracted to the magnetic north pole.


The correct answer is that the magnetized compass needle lines up with Earth’s magnetic lines of declination (or magnetic lines of force f(force fields) between the Magnetic North Pole and Magnetic south pole of Earth.


Magnets are useful in sorting and separating some materials.

WHAT MATERIALS? The materials would have to be those attracted to a magnet (Iron and iron products, such as steel are most common.)

Some high speed trains work because of magnetic repulsion and attraction.

Kids were not given activities that would lead them to this. They could have created a model for levitating trains.  Put the magnets on a dowel rod with like poles facing so that there is repulsion between the magnets so show levitation due to magnetic repulsion. Use a free magnet to repel or attract in order to move the magnets on the dowel.

Teachers need the freedom to properly teach science concepts. CSCOPE has them all bundled so that there are bits and pieces of different concepts introduced but not connected. 

CSCOPE provides too many science concepts in short time frames–not enough time to present any one concept thoroughly. Do you think that CSCOPE was created to cause kids to fail the state exams? Failing the state exams is what the The Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) predicts for Texas schools. TASA promotes CSCOPE–thus school administrators are purchasing CSCOPE. Seems like a premeditated plan to cause kids to fail the state STAARs texts. After all, TASA is encouraging superintendents to implement an instrudtion material that Governor Perry said would not be in Texas Schools. This material is called Common Core and is the product one of the Obama Federal Education Directors, Linda Hammond. Yep!  CSCOPE is patterned after Hammond’s methods. 



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