Don’t Trust Educators

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Parents, you cannot trust educators to teach your children:

Christian Values

When I started teaching at Lamar H.S. in Houston, Texas (1966) the school secretary ask me to raise my right hand and pledge that I believed in God (understood to be Jesus Christ) and that I was not nor ever had been part of the communist party. I never gave it a thought and gladly made the pledge and signed the pledge card.

I taught chemistry and biology. The content of the curriculum was much tougher than what kids are taught in school today. Now teachers basically concentrate on the TEKS and these standards barely skim what was needed to pass the chemistry tests at Lamar H.S. prepared by Marcille Hollinsworth, Chemistry Department chairperson. This was in the regular Chemistry Class. There was an accelerated Chem class as well. There was no need for TEKS- We used a book and taught what was in it. As to a yearly schedule, we divided the material in the books to coincide with our school schedule–must remember football games–. We have every school day to teach, thus more content was presented. We created our own tests to assess student knowledge of the material covered in class.

                                     I didn’t teach to a test, instead I tested what I had taught. 

Christian values were not taught, instead teachers were expected to live by them. In fact, the school was expected to represent Christian values as well pride in being an American. Every morning the entire school bowed and recited the Lord’s Prayer, and then pledged the American flag.

Parents were expected to teach their children children Christian values. Some did and some didn’t. Many teachers taught Vacation Bible School (VBS) in the summer to help children learn more about Jesus Christ. 

Moral Values

As a teacher, I was expected to have high moral values and to live by them. When I first stated teaching, working a second job was frowned on but some did “moonlight.” Teachers could not work at a grocery store that sold alcohol. Teachers were expected not to drink alcohol in public. In other words, being a teachers was being someone special and yes! For the most part, teachers were respected. Even administrators respected and backed up their teachers. Were there some bad administrators. Absolutely, but nothing compared to the how superintendents in CSCOPE schools disrespectfully treat teachers as well as parents.

Michael Ogg, K-4 principal in Brenham ISD posted on his facebook
“Remember, she may be red, she may be conservative, but she ain’t hot.”

This comment is made about Ginger Russell, who is my daughter, and her blog-site,
Does Principal Ogg make such comments about the female teachers in his school?

 One parent with a child at Alton Elementary School was told that Michael Ogg Principle is a great guy and a stand up leader. But this parent has not found this to be true. Instead, she describes him as a bully. A BULLY? A K-4th grade principal who is described as a bully by a parent?  Which is it? A stand up leader or a guy who likes to bully women? Note: Principal Ogg is the man in the center with the sword at his throat.

Michael Ogg Brennam Principal Teens are cautioned about what they post on their social networks. It seems that our school administrators need to receive the same caution. Principal Micael Ogg has identified himself as a principal in Brenham, Tx. He is a husband, father, son, future farmer and what concerns me is that he wants to be an education changer. His comment about Ginger Russell is not appropriate for an elementary principal who is representing his school in Brenham, Tx. I want all administrators to be personal and have fun. But a sword at his throat? Again, Ogg is broadcasting his position as a principal of very young children–PK-4.


How one is dressed definitely affects ones behavior as well as the behavior of others. The 70’s brought many changes, few improved education. One change was the dress code for teachers and students. Women and female students could not wear slacks or jeans. I must admit that I was part of the group that worked to change this. Wearing dresses was difficult in the science lab. But in retrospect, I regret helping to change the dress code because it led to no dress code for the students and little to none for teachers. Teachers lost their professional appearance and the students –girls mainly–were close to being naked. Waistbands around the hips on short shorts and a piece of material criss-crossing an endowed bosom –no bra– was what finally brought the principal to his senses and he made a few dress code rules. It seems that one of our girls made a turn in the hall where the principal was standing and while her body turned her skimpy blouse lagged behind. Great example of inertia. 

It is also an example of why schools must have some type of dress code. Did all the students come to school as if going to a beach party? No.  Should schools have to monitor what students wear? No. This is a parent’s responsibility. This is how the school start taking on the roll of a parent. Not by choice but because it is at times necessary.

Obviously little by little public schools have taken on many jobs that belong to parents, including behavior. Children who do not behave at home are not likely to behave at school. But, teachers are given the task of molding this child–from afar–so that he/she graduates as a socially and emotionally intelligent adult ready to enter society. Oh! I forgot, teachers have up to 30 students that all have different social and emotional needs. They all have different learning disabilities, even the gifted. To make teaching more challenging, parents with special needs children want their children to experience being in regular classrooms during the day. The parents of every child in a class needs to make sure that inclusion is the best choice for their child. From my own experience, all the children suffer. Special needs children are just that—they have needs that requires special assistance. The truth is that every child has special needs. The children that get most of the attention of a teacher is the one that is misbehaving. Send the child to the office and the teacher is labeled as one who has no behavior management skills. Allow the child to remain in the class and the education of all children is affected.

There was a time that a child who misbehaved was sent to the office where he/she received swats on their behind and a note to take home. Parents then punished the child for their misbehavior. Problem was generally solved. Now the education of all the children included the one who is disruptive is affected.

In the past parents had no expectations that educators would teach their child moral values in class. Teachers were only expected to exhibit moral values. Parents expected educators to teach math, science, ELAR, Social Studies, and other things including foreign languages and physical education. This is what is called Traditional Education, fact based education.

But over time, more and more parent responsibilities were taken on by the schools.  Now according to Linda Darling-Hammond, the educator that the Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs) as well as the Texas Association of Educators (TASA) pattern their vision learning and transformation for Texas education after. Ms. Hammond identifies the roll of a teacher as being one who guides students to become socially and emotionally intelligent. This is the foundation of the progressive learning approach, also referred to as project based learning. 

Do you see that the role of the teacher and parent have been reversed. Actually, that is not really true. What has happened is that the teacher is still expected to squeeze in facts but the primary role of educators is to mentor and somehow facilitate groups of students as they pass through school so they are socially and emotionally sound adults at graduation. According to Ms. Hammond, reading, writing, and arithmetic will just fall into place as students work together and discover the world for themselves. Student opinions of historical events is more important that what is reported to happen. Math, kids will figure it out as they need it to solve project problems assigned to their group. Interactivity between group members develops social structures and moral values of being honest and giving 100% effort to the group, which is related to being part of a social community. Working to achieve a grade for yourself is compared to owning a business so that your efforts are to grow your business instead of having a community project that provides for all of the community.

Socialism is the fabric of our public schools. Doubt this. Wait until school starts and parents of elementary kids will find school supply lists in stores for every grade. Kids are to bring these supplies to school –all of them. Yes, a year’s supply all collected at once. Does every child bring their supplies? No. Doesn’t matter, every child is provided supplies from the class-community stockpile. Are there families who cannot provide a years supply of materials–most likely. But these families can proudly provide weekly supplies.

What our schools are doing is modeling socialism. Some families contribute and some don’t but all equally share.  Parents, you need to stop your schools from teaching your child socialism. It is hurting some children whose parents are struggling to be responsible parents, teaching other children that feeding off the “fat cats” is the way to be, and some children are learning that working hard doesn’t pay.

Parents over time have turned over their parenting responsibilities to the school. A note on the CSCOPE Parent Portal website lets you know that schools no longer want you interfering in the raising of your child.

” The administration and teachers know what your child needs to learn.”  

Few parents know what is going on at the school their children attend. Most families are too busy with after school programs to be concerned about what their child learned in their social studies class that day. Yes, generally you have to request that teachers send home all papers. Yes, it takes time to read these papers. Looking at the grade at the top and signing the papers doesn’t tell you that your child is not learning what the Statue of Liberty represents. The following is a student worksheet. The statue of Liberty was previously identify as a symbol of the U.S. Now the child is asked if this symbol is one to be proud of. The child said this is a true fact. He lost points. The teacher tells this child that this is just someone’s opinion. What about this American Symbol should one not be prideful about? I’ll see if I can contact the teacher and discover the answer.

Weekly Reader Statue of Liberty

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    Ja.nice, you know I love you – but you do have to say that Ginger is your daughter. You are right, and so is she – don’t hurt your cause by being subversive