Dan Patrick Update on CSCOPE

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Photo of Senator Dan Patrick in front of the Texas State Capitol.FACEBOOK POST Jan16th – Texas Senator Dan Patrick

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As I have previously written here, I plan to have a hearing on CSCOPE as one of my first education hearings.

I visited with some CSCOPE folks today.
I am hopeful that before the hearing in a few weeks they will already have addressed and resolved two issues:

1. Total transparency for parents to view the curriculum
2. Removing language that subjects teachers to possible criminal penalties if they violate the contracts they sign with CSCOPE

I have made it clear that we will not accept teachers being subjected to criminal penalties in these contracts and parents not to have easy access to the curriculum.

Once again it is my hope they will come to the hearing with these issues resolved in advance. There is more to discuss, but these two issues should be resolved sooner than later.


The following letter has been sent to Senator Dan Patrick, Chairman of the Senate Education Committee via Donna Garner

To Senator Dan Patrick

Dan, we are very grateful for your concerns over CSCOPE; and we look forward to your letting us know in the next several weeks when the Senate Education Committee will have its public hearing. Also, thank you for keeping us in the loop by posting on Facebook (FB message posted at the bottom of this page).

 Question: Why should only “parents” be allowed to see the instructional materials? After all, I am not a parent (a grandparent of five but not a parent), but I certainly pay taxes that pay for CSCOPE’s products? Because I pay taxes, I certainly have the right to see public school children’s textbooks…why not CSCOPE? I, in essence, pay CSCOPE staffers’ salaries and should have full access to their instructional materials 24/7 (except for testing materials that need to be kept secure) since the instructional materials impact the 5 million Texas public school children around me.

Also, even if “parents” get to see the CSCOPE materials, what guarantee is there that they can trust the materials will not be changed “with the click of a mouse”?

Also, how can parents trust that the materials are aligned with the new TEKS and STAAR/EOC’s?

How can parents feel confident that the materials are not filled with factual errors since they have undergone no public hearings nor the SBOE adoption process?

If the Legislature does not go far enough in fixing the situation, then not much will have been gained from all of our efforts. I can tell you as someone who is highly involved with a large network of grassroots citizens that the public will not be satisfied with a “sham” hearing; we have seen too many of those in Congress. The education establishment spends lots of time in learning how to play their PR tricks on the public only to go right back to doing the “same old, same old” when people’s backs are turned.

People across Texas are asking questions about CSCOPE and are wanting some real answers.


Donna Garner




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  1. I really like the curriculum documents that CSCOPE designed. The YAG, VAD, and IFD provide guidance and clarity to the MASSIVE number of TEKS the SBOE approved. In a self-contained classroom it has assisted with planning for the year. Whomever on the SBOE thought the TEKS were “fewer and deeper” needs to look at all the “including” statements in social studies.

  2. I am a concerned mother who has never “needed” to become political. I am desperately wanting our schools to drop CSCOPE and get a different curriculum, but I have no idea how to go about it. ANY advice would be greatly appreciated.

  3. FACT: A teacher with a C-Scope username and password has access to ALL subjects and ALL grade level materials…including assessments and answer keys.
    When GPA becomes a factor in class rank, and thus, acceptance to college… and the $90,000+ cost of tuition, how can C-Scope insure that those with access are not using their position to benefit their own child or relative? It’s already happened. Get your head out of the sand, administrators. I see a court room in your future. You’ve been warned!

    Thought for the day: When I hear that 70% of the districts in Texas are now using C-Scope… That only tells me that 70 % of the districts in Texas have lazy, uninspired, curriculum directors that think C-Scope can solve all their problems. I also see poor leadership in their superintendents, because they are approving that expense while asking teachers to cut their classroom bugets by 10-15% each year. Do you know what C-scope costs???? Enough to choke a whole herd of horses!!!!

  4. I can see all of c-scope because I teach 5th grade math. In 20years of teaching it is the worse program I have ever been forced to teach. Luckily I have a 90 min block so I can do their baby math and then teach actually problem solving. What bothers me the most is that my 8 th grader is being thought cscope an then can’ t pass any problem solving test. I have had to start actually teaching him at home. C-scope is ruining a whole generation of kids. Please help.