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Janice VanCleave, Science Author describes the incorrect CSCOPE science lessons. Science Author, Janice VanCleave, describes CSCOPE science as being a CSCAM. The science lessons are disjointed. Some are fun and kids enjoy them. While the activities might be used for a summer camp when having fun is the goal, they are not preparatory for learning science concepts. The explanation for elementary teachers are often incorrect.

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  1. Scott Klump says:

    I agree with you 100%. CSCOPE is a great asset in my classroom. Is it perfect? No, but as the teacher I can correct and make changes as necessary. Do I use all CSCOPE lessons? Absolutely not, after all the lessons in CSCOPE are only exemplary (serving as an example) and we’re never meant to be taken as the end-all-be-all of lessons!
    The 5E model of teaching used by CSCOPE is what has made my students successful. This along with the Instructional Focus Documents have helped my get to the specificity of the TEKS!

  2. Mg cruz says:

    You are wrong!! I am an elementary school teacher. I am a science lab teacher and I teach 1st through 5th grade students. CSCOPE has been instrumental in our schools success!! You have no idea! You should really be questioning Pearson Publishing and the people who write the STAAR exams! They are affecting our student population by making them feel they are not worthy. They have no idea the kind of pressure teachers go through on a daily basis and they certainly do not know how much it affects our students. CSCOPE has helped in interpreting our State’s TEKS. These TEKS are vague and can be interpreted in many ways. CSCOPE’s scope and sequence clarifies the student expectations and helps with the depth and complexity of these expectations! No, you are barking at the wrong tree. The lessons they have provided offer rigor and relevance and can be flexible to meet our student’s needs. I do not know how teachers can bash this system. Shame on them! This lady is way off. You might want to heck this ladies credentials! These lessons are written by teachers with masters degrees in the prescriptive contents. Who does she work for and why is she involved? What is her take? Very upsetting to me! I loved the lesson and as a professional, certified teacher, I make sure these lesson are relevant to our students. Shame on her!!

    • Hi,
      I am the lady who still stands behind my comments–especially elementary science. I have reviewed CSCOPE elementary science lessons and the many of the science facts are wrong—check the hoovercraft lab for 5th–the key is incorrect. I will post a sample that gives a correct procedure.
      Janice VanCleave