CSCOPE’s Progressive Scheme

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Texas CSCOPE Part of a Nationwide Progressive Indoctrination Scheme

CSCOPE Curriculum is much like an organism with deadly tentacles wrapped around the Texas Tree of Education. By Danette Clark


A prime example of the stealth take over by progressives of our public school system is CSCOPE.

Even in a conservative state like Texas that has been under the watch of conservative governors for the last 18 years, an organized cartel of big money backing (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), slimy lawyers, community organizers disguised as concerned parents, socialist educators, curriculum developers, and teacher-principal coaches, managed to infect over 600 Texas school districts before anyone realized what was happening.

In recent years, concerned parents became aware and started crying out for something to be done to stop the progressive CSCOPE curriculum that is now being used in over 80% of Texas’ public schools.

There is more to this story. Please Read it at Danette Clark.


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