CSCOPE’s New Plan

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Superintendent Queen Bosses Around TeachersSuperintendents will do anything to keep their crowns.

EVEN Buy CSCOPE Without Lessons?

Yes! The plan for CSCOPE PART-2 is to force Texas teachers to write new CSCOPE lessons.

Superintendents are already putting this plan into action. Teachers are being told that their lessons will be posted on the CSCOPE Website next school year, 2013-2014.

Anything posted on the CSCOPE website belongs to the illegal company that calls itself TESCCC.

“But I thought the directors of  TESCCC were ordered by the Texas Senate Education Committee to dissolve this illegal shell company.”

OOPS! TESCCC directors did not follow the directions of the Texas Senate Education Committee.

Anyone surprised about this? Not me.

Just because the TESCCC directors say they are going to do something doesn’t mean they really plan to do it. You have to know that the ESCs behind the CSCOPE scam have governed themselves for years. The ESC directors are in a state of disbelief that anyone would actually give them directions. This was evident when these directors waltzed into to testify before the first senate education committee hearing on CSCOPE. They were shocked to be asked difficult questions, such as, “Are parents allowed to view the CSCOPE lessons being taught to their children?”

The ESCs have been given a stamp of approval and praised by the State Comptroller every year. How could this have happened? The checks and balances, such as being reviewed by the State Comptroller obviously hasn’t been effective and Texas education has suffered.

Now the unbridled ESCs are making an effort to keep their teeth embedded by allowing teachers to copy the banned CSCOPE lessons. To help with this, the lessons will remain available until August 2013. Would you say that this is a slap in the face of Senator Patrick and the other senate education committee members. The ESC directors have never been held accountable for millions of dollars of grant money, so they don’t think twice at thumbing their noses at the senate ed committee.

Would superintendents actually request teachers to copy the banned CSCOPE lessons?

Would superintendents actually force teachers to post their lessons on the CSCOPE website so they become the property of CSCOPE?

Sadly the answer is yes to both questions. Some superintendents scrapped from the  bottom of the barrel have sent orders to their court jesters to notify teachers of these plans.

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