CSCOPE Misinterprets TEKS?

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CSCOPE Claims to be Aligned with the TEKS

Listing the TEKS on a lesson doesn’t qualify as being aligned with the TEKS.

CSCOPE lists the TEKS, but are the CSCOPE lessons in alignment with the intent of the TEKS?

CSCOPE lists all of the state TEKS, but each lesson is aligned with CSCOPE’s interpretation of the TEKS. In other words, CSCOPE’s clarification or interpretation of some of the TEKS is biased in favor of the Muslim religion, Islam.

Do you agree with CSCOPE’s interpretation of TEKS  WH 1B?

CSCOPE specificities are shown for a specific world history TEKS.

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  1. Judy Reyes says:

    What can citizens do to change this curriculum from being used in Texas schools? Who do we need to contact with out disapproval of CScope?