CSCOPE’s Happy Communist

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The symbol for communism is a hammer and sickle
A list of values from a CSCOPE test that describes a Happy Communist.
While the state board of education is organizing groups to review the CSCOPE social studies lessons, these social studies lessons are currently being taught to students in CSCOPE schools. It will take years for all the CSCOPE lessons to be reviewed.

Did You Know?

You are paying via your taxes for these reviews. But, the real kick in the head is that TESCCC has a choice to accept or reject the reviews. Bottom line, Texans are paying to have the CSCOPE lessons reviewed at no cost to TESCCC (name of illegal company created by the ESCs). 

Obviously, we cannot depend on our state government to remove CSCOPE from our schools. It will have to come from grassroots efforts.

I will keep posting CSCOPE lessons and tests that contain blatant errors as well as anti-American and pro-Communists values, such as CSCOPE’s description of a Happy Communist shown.

Happy Communist does not describe the people who have been killed  trying to escape the Cuban communist government.

Happy Communist doesn’t describe the people who were killed while trying to go from one side of a city to the other. I am talking about a time when a huge concrete wall  divide the east and west side of Berlin, German.

Happy Communist are those in a position of authority, but even these people have to watch their backs. Its a coveted position and one that some kill for. West Berlin could not be described as having Happy Communist. It was a city under siege and those who tried to escape their communist jailers were killed.

Any superintendent who supports CSCOPE has no concern for our children or our nation. Vote in school board members that stand firm on this issue. With strong moral, pro-American school board members, superintendents can be replaced. Make your presence known at school board meetings. Form a group that can take turns attending the meetings if necessary. Let your school board members know your concerns.

Texans, it is time to take back our schools. Organize people in your community. You can start a group by contacting two or three of your friends that care about the education of children. Find out as much as you can about what is happening in your school.

Schedule a time to visit your child’s class. Ask for a copy of the CSCOPE schedule and the CSCOPE lesson that relates to the topic being taught.

Make sure you read every paper that is brought home by your children. Check those book bags. Share content of worksheets with other parents in your group. In groups of three, schedule a visit with your superintendent. Prior to this visit, send an email with questions that you would like the superintendent to respond to via email. Then, ask to visit.

Questions for the Superintendent:

1. Why was CSCOPE purchased when TEA and the ESCs designed TEKS training materials for teachers? This is called Statewide Professional Development Initiatives and it was for K-12. Point out that rider 42 provided about $32 million dollars for these training materials. Teachers attending the workshops left with printed copies of information about the TEKS for the subjects they taught. The first workshops presented in 2011, the teacher were even given a stipend.

According to  educators, this material is enough for a teacher to understand the TEKS and with the school calendar to create a yearly schedule for teaching every required TEKS.

2. Ask how much of the district school taxes is being given to TASA/TASB? These are private organizations that superintendents and school board members are members of. These two groups have a goal of transforming our Texas schools.

Check out Hudson ISD’s goals set by Superintendent Whiteker.


Not all of the ideas are bad. I agree that schools need to stop drilling kids to take the BIG STAAR test. But, the test is still being given and schools with CSCOPE  are not preparing kids for it. Instead, the CSCOPE lessons and assessments have many errors—

The CSCOPE lessons often have hidden agendas–such as the Happy Communist question on a test.

It is one thing to teach what communism is, but it is totally unacceptable to teach even one lesson or one test question that promotes communism. Show this blog post to your superintendent. Ask why CSCOPE was purchased with this pro-communist material.



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