CSCOPE Was Never Needed

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A Silhouett of a teacher crying. Caption: Teachers care about your children.There are so many things about public education that I wonder about:

 1. Why are veteran teachers leaving as soon as possible?

CSCOPE promotes the idea that veteran teachers are trouble makers. Let’s all hope so, because these are the teachers that are trying to help your children.

2. Why do high school Texas football stadiums get larger and fancier while science classes are ill equipped?  Because people care more about sports than academics–except when report cards come home.

3. What did school districts do with the grant money to improve student reading? The reading level of kids is worse now than before money was provided to fix the problem. Why? Because more time is being spent cramming for the STAAR test than teaching kids the basics of reading. With CSCOPE, authentic reading is promoted–this means kids can read if they want to or not. It their choice because they have rights.–Do not know where the reading funding money is,

4. Why did the ESCs create and sell CSCOPE when the 81st Texas Legislature, through Rider 42, appropriated nearly $152 million to be used for TEKS professional development of educators?

What happened to all this money? I cannot answer these questions. I hope you will contact your local Education Service Center and find out.

5. Since the ESCs are responsible for presenting the TEKS academies, why did we pay the expenses for consultants, Pearson representatives, ESC representatives who did not teach subjects being offered? Since 56% of those attending the training never presented a TEKS program to teachers, why were these people invited? We paid for each person, hotels, food, travel–etc…… Were some on holiday at our expense?

6. I wonder how much money is misused by TEA and the ESCs each year? While some good things are done, how much are they costing?

7. I wonder how many people attending the TEKS academy training were not qualified to teach the subjects in the training sessions? This is another question that the ESCs might be able to answer.

8. I wonder why the people spending the money are the same people in charge of approving the expenditures?

This happens when too many people are too busy to do what they were hired (voted in) to do. When no one is watching the store things are not done right.

9. I wonder why there isn’t more accountability required from the ESCs? Are the ESCs totally self-governed? Seems to be the case and this has led to the development of CSCOPE when it was not needed.

10. I wonder how much grant money the ESCs receive each year? I also wonder how this money is spent? Obviously the $152 million received for the TEKS professional development did not meet the objective it was to be used for. Who checks on this?

11. I wonder why —————- I could go on it seems forever. The more I learn about public education the more questions I have.


What is the answer? Parent involvement as well as the whole community involvement.


Most of all, I wonder why so much money was wasted when educators in comparison have so little to work with? Why the number of teachers were cut and the ESCs wasted $152 million dollars? Is anyone checking on this?

I can only assume the ESCs wasted the $152 million since CSCOPE, now sold by all 20 ESCs is suppose to provide teachers with information about the TEKS. Doesn’t this mean that the ESCs didn’t provide the free TEKS training to teachers? So where is the $152 million?


Why do I wonder about the misuse of Grant Money? Because $152 million dollars was spent by the TEA and the ESCs to produce and present TEKS professional development for Texas Teachers and the number of teachers that even know about the program is low.


I’ve seen TEKS K-4 science academy materials prepared by region 4. It is good. Not sure why the remaining 19 ESCs could not put their heads together and prepare something useful, but in comparison to the TEKS K-4 science materials, CSCOPE looks really pitiful. Those supporting CSCOPE must have some reason other than educating students.


We have to put a stop to the waste of money by the ESCs. We can start by getting rid of CSCOPE. This would eliminate many of the employees that are robbing your schools because their salaries depend on the CSCOPE sales.

When your superintendent asked why the school would do without CSCOPE—Answer___Very Well!

You can also add that the ESCs owe the school a lot of money–money the school paid for CSCOPE and the money they took and did not provide the TEKS training to your teachers.


There are many good people in every part of the Texas Education System. Let’s help them do their jobs by having more checks and balances on the money. Ask questions–demand answers. Your regional education service centers have a lot of explaining to do about why they are selling CSCOPE instead of providing free TEKS professional development.


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