Cscope Chronicles Trip to Mecca

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Parents Can Help Improve Texas Education

I can think of many historical events that influence contemporary events. We could study George Washington crossing the Delaware, Christopher Columbus’s discovery of the New World, Abraham Lincoln’s fight to abolish slavery or we could study the travels of Apostle Paul on his missionary journeys to share the message of Christ.
What an impact these stories if taught properly could have on 6th grade Texas students learning under the Texas progressive curriculum, Cscope. With this unapproved, supplemental instruction material, kids in the 6th grade are leaning about and charting the travels of Islamic Scholar Ibn Battuta’s  to the Holy House of Mecca and the tomb of the Prophet in Medina.
So What Can Parent do About CSCOPE?
Wade Labay, the Texas Cscope director has recently given parent the right to have copies of the CSCOPE lessons being taught to their children. So, please start visiting your local school and ask for copies of CSCOPE lessons. iBe sure to get copies of the handouts for the Lessons.
Ask other parents to assist in obtaining as many of the CSCOPE lessons as possible.
CSCOPE was introduced into the public schools of Texas in 2006 and the science lessons are just now being edited by professionals. There are so many errors in the CSCOPE lessons, reporting problems to school administrators and/or CSCOPE directors lhas not been very effective. Thus, add your comments about errors in CSCOPE lessons on this website and the errors will be posted.
When errors in CSCOPE lessons appear on the web, the lessons are quickly removed from the CSCOPE website and a revised lessons is soon posted. While this helps, it would take years to get the lessons revised and then the revised lessons are not always correct.
Hopefully the Texas legislature and Governor Perry will take notice of all the work parents are having to do to edit the CSCOPE instruction material and take action to remove it.


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  1. Derek Smith says:

    I know English is typically not an issue in regards to the bias lessons in CSCOPE, however, in a simple passage from a Unit test, the passage undermines the U.S. Constitution by leaving it lowercase. This mistake can be found in English 1 Unit 5A “The Hike” as of March 25th, 2013. If this were an isolated mistake, I would think nothing of it, but seeing the relentless attack on our Constitution by CSCOPE, and knowing the communist minds behind CSCOPE, I feel this is deliberate.