CSCOPE: The Multiheaded Snake

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CSCOPE represented by a multiheaded snake. If you don't cut off all the heads it keeps on destroying. CSCOPE is like a multi-headed snake. Yes, the CSCOPE Lesson head has been cut off, but the snake is alive and well and gearing up to continue poisoning the minds of Texas school children.
Parents and other Texas Patriots, don’t let your guard down. Let your superintendents know that you do not want CSCOPE lessons copied and used to teach your children.
Let your superintendent know that you do not want your tax money used to pay Texas Association of School Administrator (TASA) and Texas Association of School Board (TASB) dues.
Let your superintendent know that you do not want the CSCOPE Curriculum Management used in your schools.
Following is the announcement by Senator Patrick that all of the CSCOPE lessons will be eliminated.   To hear the announcement you can do a You Tube search for “CSCOPE Presser” to view Senator Patrick’s announcement or use this link
If you are thinking that we have won the war, please read the letter below which was posted the same day the lesson removal was made. This is a devious group and they still have their poisonous fangs embedded in our Texas Schools.  
Much work lies ahead, but this small victory has given us  a real chance to reclaim local control of our schools.   CSCOPE is a system of control that marginalizes parents and teachers.  Administrators who are forcing CSCOPE upon their schools have created a serious breach of trust.  Sadly, the very people that should be standing up now to protect our children are instead telling teachers to hurry and download CSCOPE lessons into their files.    Here is an  a letter (posted  on the site, “Red Hot Conservative”)  with my highlights that clearly shows their future intentions.
We  have much to lose if we drop the ball.  The letter below blatantly states that the TESCCC will merely regroup and work to ensure the long-term viability of CSCOPE.  Our efforts have resulted in galvanizing a large grassroots network across the state.  I believe that the TESCCC is hoping that everyone will be fooled into thinking that we have won and go back home.  This is the time to show up with boots on the ground, ramp up our efforts,  and reclaim our voice in local schools.
This is an eye-opener.

 Dear Superintendent/Charter School Administrator,

The Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative (TESCCC) announces that it is eliminating all current and future lesson development related to CSCOPE. The required 90-day notice outlined in the district user agreement will be honored and an official notice will be supplied to your district following the action of the TESCCC Governing Board at their upcoming meeting on Friday, May 24th. After official action has been taken, additional information will be supplied to your district. The TESCCC feels that this action is in the best interest of school districts and Education Service Centers to ensure the long-term viability of CSCOPE.

Please be assured, all current contractual agreements will be respected, curriculum alignment documents will remain unaltered, and all appropriate notice will be provided to school districts 90-days prior to the date that lessons will be removed from CSCOPE. Additionally, Region 10 will continue to be available to assist with any challenges your district may face due to this change. We want to support you during this transition to ensure that your teachers and staff have the best resources to educate the students of Texas.

Additionally, the TESCCC will be restructuring to help us operate more effectively. This new structure will include school personnel to assist in the management of CSCOPE that helps maintain the success of CSCOPE. One of the first items the new governing structure will discuss is a price reduction to participating school districts, since lessons will no longer be part of CSCOPE.

We would like to thank each of you who spoken out in support of CSCOPE. We have been touched by your support more than you know and appreciate your continued trust and support. Again, we are still here to provide assistance with any transition issues that you may face.


Wilburn O. Echols, Jr.


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