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Moon Waxing or Waning.At this time, it appears that CSCOPE instruction materials will still be used by some Texas School Districts. The advice from a Texas Teacher should be helpful for some administrators trying to decide if CSCOPE is right for their teachers and students.

Teacher Comment:Teachers that has been forced to use CSCOPE should be helpful to school administrators:

If you are looking for a substandard scope and sequence with poorly set up lessons that often require more time to fix than it would take to plan a new one…if you are looking for a guarantee that new teachers will never become master teachers…if you are more interested in controlling the faculty than in educating the students, then CSCOPE is the right choice.

Since the question “What is CSCOPE” continues to be asked, I am preparing a series of articles providing details and examples of CSCOPE material. Hopefully this will be help parents understand what is being used to teach their children.

Hopefully some of the people who can make a difference in the education of Texas children will read the series of CSCOPE articles so they can make more informed decisions. I encourage readers to spread the word.

I am going to start with of examples of CSCOPE TESTs. The following comment of one Texas Teacher nicely describe the CSCOPE Assessments.

Teacher Comment:

 As far as using CSCOPE assessments, make sure you check them over.  I have been required to use them for two years, and I have yet to see one that had no errors in either the questions or the keys.  And, look at them BEFORE you plan the lessons, since they seldom have much in common with the “exemplar” lessons.

 The pattern of the waning and waxing of moon phase shown in the following CSCOPE test question is exactly reversed.

Predicting moon phases is one of the fun parts of studing the night sky. Young kids can learn to look at the Moon and determine if it will be bigger or smaller the following night. For information on predicting the pattern of the Moon’s phases See The Direction of the Moon’s Terminator.

Waxing and Waning CSCOPE assessment

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