CSCOPE Survival Plan

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Chicken Without A HeadWhat To Do Without CSCOPE?

Some superintendents are at a loss without CSCOPE. They are scurrying around like chickens without their heads.

Without the lessons, the CSCOPE Vendors are lowering their price for their Gutted CSCOPE Product.

Have the CSCOPE Vendors brought out their Survival Plan yet? I am guessing that they will.

I’ll be very surprised if the CSCOPE Vendors are not planning to offer help to schools —for a modest fee of course. The help will be described as ways to continue to align to the TEKS without the CSCOPE lessons. Remember the CSCOPE Vendors have contracts with companies who have supply kits  developed for the CSCOPE lessons.

Let’s Assume the CSCOPE Survival Plan is ready.

How much do you think the CSCOPE Survival Plan will cost?
Will it be a yearly rental fee or a special one-time fee?

My guess is a one-time fee of $10,000 —what do you think the fee will be?

Assuming the CSCOPE Vendors do sell a survival plan to school districts, how many districts will buy it?

Think about this: The CSCOPE Vendors have only had a few days to develop a survival plan, so what educational value will it provide for your children? I suggest parents contact their schools and find out. 

You can also contract your local CSCOPE Vendor  HERE.

Yes, the CSCOPE Vendors are the 20 Texas Education Service Centers. These are multitasking workers who work for the state as well as run a private business.  Are they keeping the millions of dollars of grant money separate from the millions of dollars taken in from CSCOPE Sales. I think I’d prefer to have the vendor separated from these state agencies.



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  1. lleesmith says:

    Until you get at the real problem– the illegal sale of products to districts by regional service centers, you are never going to fix this. Regional educational service centers are tasked with providing service to school districts. Yet they sell products to the school districts, products like CSOPE and Webccat that they have no business selling. Read Section 8.001 – and on of TX Education Code to learn what these regional service centers are legislated to do. Instead of sticking to their mandates, they have wandered far afield. Then they tie their trainings to these products so school districts are forced to use them. Get the regional ESCs out of the business of selling products to our schools and then you’ve shut them down!!

    • I think you have the right idea.

      CSCOPE lessons are not gone. They are free now! Schools who were using CSCOPE lessons and paying for them can now copy them for free. Senator Patrick got out smarted.