CSCOPE: Scope and Sequence Part 2

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A book titled "Knowledge is the Defense Against CSCOPE ConArtistFollowing is called the CSCOPE Information Focus Document, IFD. According to the CSCOPE directors, teachers should be able to use the IFD to design a lesson. Superintendents buy this because they are not the ones that will have to use the material with its incorrect and scanty information. As pointed out, the scientific information is required from the start of the 5th grade school year yet it is not taught until the last 20 days of school. To view Part 1 of CSCOPE: Scope and Sequence

Remember that students in most CSCOPE schools do not have text books. So, without a science book, and the following information, could you plan a lesson for 5th graders?

Is this information worth having text book money spend to purchase it? Schools with CSCOPE spend $7 to $10 dollars per student every year for what? Students have no instructions. This is the CSCOPE SCOPE that your school is paying big bucks for.

I think schools are being cheating. Actually, after evaluating the scope of CSCOPE lessons, I think bunko scheme is a better description. CSCOPE is being presented as being aligned to the TEKS, rigorous, when it is actually Neither of these things.
5th grade CSCOPE IFD that is advertised as being all a teacher needs to plan a lesson.

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