CSCOPE Science TEKS Transition-2

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Shilouette of Questioning PersonWhy would school superintendent buy a product that doesn’t have any K-12 science lessons?

OH! Yea! I forgot, many Texas School Superintendents receive their certification from the same ESCs who sell CSCOPE.

I do find it hard to believe that the ESCs had the gall to promote the CSCOPE Instruction Material to be so comprehensive that no science books were necessary.

Yikes! Think about teaching science in a CSCOPE school without textbooks or the advertised CSCOPE comprehensive lessons.

But not to worry, the ESCs would not want to lose customers because they didn’t have a product to sell (same thing that is happening now). CSCOPE developed a training program showing science teachers how to use the old  CSCOPE lessons aligned to the outdated TEKS for TAKS. Training sessions with a 30 power point slide program was developed by ESC in Region 2o. This training program was shared with all the ESCs.

Note that the Social Studies TEKS were to be introduced in 2011-2012, but like the science lessons it just didn’t happen. Thus, like the following announcement about the old TEKS for TAKS aligned science lessons, the old social studies lessons were made available. Wade Lebay has repeatedly explained that the CSCOPE Terrorists lessons that including a fake newsreport that described the American Patriots involved in the “Boston Tea Party” as terrorists was an old out dated lesson. Lebay did not tell the whole truth, which was that schools were still using the old lessons because new CSCOPE lessons were not available.


While the ESCs were developing the CSCOPE Science transition materials,  TEA was shoveling in $50 Million Dollars to the 20 Texas ESCs to develop quality PD TEKS Academies for ALL TEXAS TEACHERS.  YES– I said–$50–FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS TO PREPARE science and ELAR professional development transition workshops.
WHAT did the ESCs do with all this money? The ESCs govern themselves. They create private businesses–Have expensive conventions– Charge book companies large fees if they want to align with CSCOPE. Even small businesses have to pay if they want to advertise that their product is aligned with CSCOPE.

Don’t miss the third and final training slide in this series.


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