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A book titled "Knowledge is the Defense Against CSCOPE ConArtistThe ESCs Notifying Administrators About New Science TEKS for 2010-2011

Region 8, prepared a training power point to alert administrators in CSCOPE schools about upcoming changes in CSCOPE. The ESCs were preparing special science materials because there were to be new Science TEKS.

Remember that CSCOPE is a K-12 instruction material that at the time the new science TEKS were being introduced was advertised as a comprehensive instruction material. As such, school districts didn’t need to purchase science books. A big savings to the school district. With CSCOPE, there was no need for school science supervisors, CSCOPE had it all. Another big savings.

Were you aware that at the same time the ESCs were creating new science material for their CSCOPE product, that all 20 of the ESCs received $50 MILLION Dollars to develop comparable materials–without the CSCOPE documents? Yes, the 20 ESCs were paid $50 Million Dollars in to develop transition materials for Science and ELAR for the 2010 summer workshops. These were to be called Rider 42 TEKS PD Academies. The 20 ESCs did create materials for the free academies, but OOOOPS!!! All 20 ESCs just forgot  to advertise the FREE! Most Important Workshops.

Maybe the ESCs were toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo busy, developing training for their CSCOPE product which is sold. Since the ESCs govern themselves, who is to know what they did with the $50 Million Dollars. FYI: The ESCs received another $50 Million dollars the next year for Social Studies and Math Academies. UUM. Guess what happened? NOT MUCH!

And the Rest of the story can be found HERE!

CSCOPE Science Transformation 2010

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