CSCOPE Robotizes Teachers

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Japan has a humanoid that can be used for some teacher jobs. CSCOPE has basically turned Texas Teachers in to humanoids.CSCOPE is taking the Life out of Teaching

From a Teacher’s Heart

by Mary Bowden
Jan. 03, 2013

When I taught a methods course called, “The Emerging Reader,” at Texas State, I explained to my students who were all future teachers that by the end of the course I wanted them to emerge with a philosophy of how children become readers, and more importantly, to be able to defend their philosophy. In order to understand educational philosophy, as I see it, one must view a spectrum. Ones philosophy is never a choice of two extreme modes of thought. Rather, it is where you live on a spectrum.

With CSCOPE, its the progressive way or the highway. Progressive education is more humanoid-heartless. 

For example, I have a love affair with phonics. But I will never see it as a stand alone, without some of the tools that were revealed when we embraced the whole language movement. As I taught the course, I had one student who came up to me with tears in her eyes. She announced that she had discovered her own reading disability in my course. She will be a very special kind of reading teacher.

When a teacher reaches deep inside a tool box of experiences to approach a student, and the light bulb moment happens there is a process unfolding that can not be easily defined and categorized.

My desire to defeat CSCOPE comes from a place deep within which rages against the process of canned, sterile lessons. Furthermore, there is a personal repugnance that I hold for a canned product defining the teaching moment.

CSCOPE is a teacher management system, which if allowed to succeed, robotizes teachers in the very worst sense, and thus robs students of the very essence of good teaching.

Schools used to hire teachers by asking, “What is your philosophy of education?” Now, sadly, schools seek to hire teachers willing to teach without questioning the progressive philosophy inherent in CSCOPE. This, for me, is a deadening influence on our schools.

Children were not harmed in schools of the past because, like a good marriage, the teachers complemented each others’ philosophies. We harmonized. CSCOPE in comparison is philosophically flat.

There is little to no harmony among teachers in CSCOPE schools. This is by design. It is easier to lead single file sheep to the slaughter. Veteran teachers who are not lining up are vilified by CSCOPE–as is any person or group that speaks against the progressive— YES! common core methodology of Linda Darling Hammond of CSCOPE. 

For more about CSCOPE and Common Core–renounced by Governor Perry see, 

Comment added by Janice VanCleave 


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