CSCOPE Revises History

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History Curriculum Backed by CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood

January 7, 2013 – 11:32pm — Candice Lanier

In December, I reported on the move by the federal government to replace traditional curriculum with government information documents. This is part of the trend towards the centralization of education, which has resulted in parents and teachers having less impact on what goes on in the classroom while the federal government’s control is expanded. One of the main concerns regarding the government information documents is the high potential for a politicized curriculum.

Add to that the revisionist history being taught in some classrooms, along with the the promotion of one religion over another.

An example of this can be found in the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum collaborative (TESCCC) and its company, CSCOPE, a major producer of curriculum used in the Texas education system.  A report shows that CSCOPE has portrayed participants in the Boston Tea Party as terrorists and is also accused of having developed an anti-Christian, pro-Islam curriculum.

And, though by law the curriculum is supposed to be accessible to parents, according to the Texas CSCOPE Review:

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  1. This is happening nationwide. They are all interconnected and can be traced to CES schools.

    Parents, please continue to spread the word, even beyond Texas. You guys are doing a great job!! God is with us in this fight!