CSCOPE Promotes Communism

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By Ginger Russell
Red Hot Conservative

The flag of Texas with Russia's and Turkey's symbols is a possible production by a student following directions in a CSCOPE lesson.

One would never guess that 875 Texas Schools , public, private and charter have purchased and implemented a Marxist Curriculum called Cscope in their schools. Our Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs) have formed a Non Profit business called Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative (TESCCC) and they operate out of our State Agency building, use State employees to create and then have the gall to sell their Cscope Curriculum product to Texas public schools. On top of this, no one is allowed to view the CSCOPE lessons except teachers who had to sign a gag-order not to tell anyone about the content of the lessons.

Wade Lebay, state director of CSCOPE admitted to the state senate education committee that TESCCC is a non-profit business created by a state agency. Seems this is not according to Hoyle– Wade sought no permission from the state attorney general or other state authorities. The very existence of the TESCCC may not be legal. 

When asked by Senator Dan Patrick, Wade Lebay admitted that the business created called TESCCC has no office, no address, no phone number, and no employees. According to Mr. Lebay, TESCCC makes no money.

Does this sound fishy to you? Comments in red type by Janice VanCleave

 The following diagram is from a CSCPOE student handout. Note that the diagram indicates that one climbs the stairs upward to communism.

For information about CSCOPE from Ginger Russell, see Red Hot Conservative. 

Man is climbing stairs leading upward toward the heavens. Communism shown to be at the top.

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  1. Andrew Mattson says:

    This info graphic is an excellent example of assumptive language without words. What if the staircase were leading DOWN? If you have a thought from that picture, you have made an assumption based on your world view. Up is good. Down is bad. Higher is good lower is less. BEWARE OF THIS TYPE OF LANGUAGE. IT is just like advertising. Catch the emotion and turn the arguement. A deeper study of all these forms of economy is worthwhile as the world’s countries have diverged and taken different tracks. The future bus drivers of this country should be afforded the ability to not be swayed by assumptive language from all around.

  2. stephen wille says:

    Wh@!! The assumption you state IS the problem – “…government control and planning increases as you go up.”. Obviously the implication is that capitalism is a step down, or step backward. What about the private sector moving us ‘up’ while keeping gov small. Only autocrats and oligarchs make your assumption.

  3. The graphic is appalling. It definitely uses graphics to suggest that Communism is better, higher, and more modern than capitalism. If you think this graphic is politically neutral, try to imagine one that put democracy at the bottom (emerged in the 18th century), and put Fascism and Communism, instead of Socialism and Communism, on the higher rungs. Fascism and Communism both emerge in the 19th century. Under Fascism, the economy is left in private hands (although with strong government direction for the “big” and “important” industries), while the government is run by a self-selected Party. In Communism, the Party controls BOTH the productive economy and the government. Now, I think we would all find that picture made us really, really nervous. This is no different. Visual presentation of information is quite compelling.

    Funny how the lesson also does not include the fact that Communist government are about a lot more than just public ownership of the means of production. They ALL suppress human rights, and most have killed large numbers of their own populations — whether on purpose (Khmer Rouge, Stalin) or through massively careless and destructive central planning (China under Mao.)

  4. Nicole Silva says:

    I think it is funny everyone is freaking out about this. I was born and raised in Texas and it is clear to me that this illustration above is only highlighting 3 big emerging economic ideas in the 18th and 19th centuries and that government control and planning increases as you go up. It does not indicate anything about which one is better than the other they could have just as easily arranged it to where communism was on the bottom with the arrow of government control and planning pointing down. That probably would sit better with all of the patriotic connotative thinkers in Texas. You can read sample curriculum at as I have done it is a bit progressive but it is the high school curriculum seemed very similar to the type of information I received in a Texas college.

    • Nicole,
      I really hate hearing this.

    • “”” It does not indicate anything about which one is better than the other”””
      That is the part that is scary. Better and worse, right and wrong, evil and good are precisly what needs to be taught, understood and incorporated into one’s life. To the degree that one cannot make these distinctions and make correct decisions, one is headed in a “bad” direction–one that is not leading to human betterment. Communism is an unmitigated evil leading to the enslavement of the population to a utopian idea. Utopia is not achievable because it is a violation of human nature and attempts to achieve it lead to exactly what has happened in history–mass murder.

  5. Evelyn McGee says:

    This whole thing scares the heck out of me. I’m an old lady and the kids in my family who are in school are great grandchildren and great great grandchldren. In a town near us the girls were instructed to wear burkas to school. They are not allowed to mention God, but they are studying Muslims and wearing burkas. That doesn’t make sense, but I hear it is CSCOPE indoctrination. I am sending all the information I get to our grandchildren to get them to check into what their kids are being taught. Several are home schooling and I’m glad, but want them to check into what is sent them for text. I don’t want my family to include a bunch of Muslims or a bunch of people who espouse communism. As I said it scares the heck out of me.

    • Not to fear— As a Christian, I put my trust in the Lord. Yes, like Daniel we may be carried captive into Babylon, but also’
      like Daniel we will still praise the Lord regardless of the consequences.

      You might pass on this information.
      The ESCs took $152 million dollars to develop and present TEKS workshops and instead are selling CSCOPE.
      UUM! Where is our money? Why sell CSCOPE when great TEKS material was developed–the ESCs just didn’t
      advertise and present it to many?

      So your superintendent wasted money buying CSCOPE when they had in their possession free and much
      better materials. I have seen the K-4 science materials and they are 200% better than CSCOPE.
      So you are being cheated.

  6. brainray says:

    Uh, I hate to state the obvious but Socialism and Communism were big emerging ideas in the 18th & 19th century. Anyone recall that several rather large countries gave these systems a try? Some to this day? Sure, it wasn’t the American way but there’s quite a few things over the last few centuries that would qualify as a “big idea” globally but not necessarily in the US. Way to much is being read into this chart…

  7. Texas? What has happened to you? I used to live there and even the democrats there at that time were conservative! Texans are strongly individualist or they were. How can this be?

    • CSCOPE has nothing to do with political parties–being conservative or liberal. CSCOPE is part of the progressive, destructive movement to teach our children not to love our country–to hate anyone who is “Rich.” The Bible teaches us to be content in all situations. Teaching children to hate people who have the means to hire them to do a job is a way of controlling them. Teaching children that to own a business is being selfish–that everything should belong to the community. Teaching children that capitalism is bad and socialism and communism is good—– I wonder what the CSCOPE directors, school superintendents and school board members promoting CSCOPE and Common Core are being offered to sell out their country–to steal the opportunity for children to be educated. I wonder why the NAACP is not screaming about CSCOPE because the teaching philosophy of this program is known not to work with children who do not have a strong educational background. What about Hispanic groups? Same problem. But since CSCOPE has been in some schools for 7 years, all the children are being equally educated–meaning they are all at the same low mark. They are all lacking reading, writing, and math skills. CSCOPE directors have a goal of leveling the playing field for all students. I find it interesting that they boldly advertise this goal. What about our very gifted students? What about our students who are not as gifted but can learn and be very productive members of society? What about all the students in between? Why would any superintendent want the education playing field in his/her school district to be level? Why would any superintendent want all students equally educated? Why would any superintendent want teachers to be on the same page as every other teacher in the state? This is mediocre at its best.

    • Drifanwulf says:

      I grew up in and around Fort Worth and in those years I met many Texans who were fiercely independent. They were very patriotic and anti-communist. So I can’t understand why they are tolerating this trash being taught to their children and grandchildren.

  8. You elected the politicians that lied to you and made this happen. You let them get away with it. Double cross, trauma bond and rendition issues on your own gullibility Now you are complaining about it. You bought into the lie. This is what the lie does.

    Reality is a four part application, too: acknowledge reality, secure yourself from retaliation, be prepared to meet psychological injury and attacks from your perp and SYG. That’s a lot of work and responsibility most people don’t want, but this is the ONLY way you steel yourself from a liar, and you have to sustain this to avoid capitulation. Forgive the liar and you give up.

    There is no such thing as a white lie. The lie is an application, and it generates a lot of hardship, but don’t believe me. Just take a look around and continue to lie to yourself about what you see happening.

    You get the picture.

  9. This is rediculous. I believe the time to fight back has come. I will not allow my son to grow up in this type of environment. It will start in Texas, n then flow to other states. I refuse to accept this. My son deserves a better world, not worse.

    • Please!!!!
      Join Us!
      Be part of the WomenOnThe Wall conference calls–Check here to sign up-

      There will be conference calls every week. Be part of them.
      Men and Women of Texas, speak OUT!!!

  10. Zachary Clay says:

    If you’re flabbergasted by this you are insane. This is conspiracy theory malarkey. I think the next article posted should be about how cscope was written by lizard men at the behest of the Illuminati.

    • Zachary your comment is too funny not to approve.

    • Rick Hafley says:

      Zach, when is the last time you read or helped one of your kid or grandkid with homework, not lately or you would know this is not BS!

    • Capt. Jack says:

      Zach: Pull your head out of the sand!

    • Other than the dumb graphic on the left, it is completely accurate.

      • “completely accurate”! ? What? what about informing students to the fact of absolute dictatorship; freedoms gone! choices ~gone, have you see the cars the USSR produces? What kind of production is there? Who sets the prices? Wages? Tells you how much money you can have? Property- not owned.
        Why would post-communist countries, like Poland, the Chec Republic, and all the other countries that have had to fight for their liberty, have done so it communism was only working along side everyone else…
        Learn the depth Kimmy…get out of the darkness and into the light before darkness swallows you and all of us up. We are a Nation Under God…and need to stay that way..not under a dictator….

  11. This is not the country I served. This is not the Texas where I lived. Tears flowing today.

  12. StokeyBob says:

    I pretty much figure the road to communism has been paved in counterfeited fiat but to boldly show the steps to communism constructed out of it is pretty bold.

  13. Margaret McTaggar says:

    I don’t understand your reference to a gag order. They have lessons that downloadable at their website.

  14. Flabbergasted. Simply flabbergasted.


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