CSCOPE Plagiarized 1st Grade Science

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A picture of Janice VanCleave doing a sound experiment. She has two yellow cups over her ears with a sting tied to each and a spoon suspended in the center of the spoon.When I retired from writing books to publish, I started a science website. My plan was to provide free science activities for kids and educators.

The site has more than a thousand articles posted on it.

It’s free, check it out if you need science information.

My science website desperately needs to be reorganized. This was my plan, when I volunteered to tutor kids at a local elementary school.

That was about 14 months ago and since them I have been trying to get the CSCOPE curriculum out of our Texas schools.

This quest started because I was denied access to the CSCOPE lessons by Marsha Ridlehuber, interim superintendent at Marlin ISD in Nov. 2011. The list of CSCOPE directors who also denied me access include Becca Bell, CSCOPE director at Region 12.

Becca was the first to question my reasons for wanting to view the CSCOPE lessons.  I didn’t think that I had to have any specific reason. At the time I wanted the lessons to tutor elementary kids in science and math.

Becca would allow me to review the CSCOPE lessons if I signed a non-disclosure document. This meant I could not tell anyone about the plagiarized lessons that teachers later sent to me or the science lessons with so many errors.

Being a bit naive  at the time, I thought the lack of transparency of the CSCOPE lessons might be a local problem. I contacted the chairman of the state board of education, Barbara Cargill and she contacted the State Commissioner of Education, Robert Scott. They sent an email to Becca stating that the lessons should be transparent and that I was to receive a copies.

Becca was not phased by these request. I was still in awe about having these state education officials will to help me. But, Becca let them know immediately that CSCOPE lessons are copyrighted and are not available to the public. And especially not available to Janice VanCleave because she writes and sells books. Janice is a vendor. Becca continued to question my intentions for wanting to see CSCOPE lessons. At the time I didn’t know how insulting her accusation of my wanting to view the CSCOPE lessons so that I could write a competitive curriculum was.

The irony of this is that while Becca was insulting me and suggesting that I might copy ideas from CSCOPE, teachers were using CSCOPE lessons that had been copied word for word from different websites.

Some teachers still report that there are lessons copied from different text books. If they will send copies of these lessons, I’ll post them on this website.

The following are exerts from CSCOPE lessons. As soon as the CSCOPE directors became aware of these lessons they immediately removed them from their website. The replacement lessons were the same except for the plagarized sections. For example, the following is a first grade science lessons.

The CSCOPE lessons were thrown together quickly and no one cared about the content. The accuracy of the lessons was never checked, only the duplication of the format.

For the most current edition of this Weather lessons See Revised Weather Grade 1



CSCOPE authors used information copied from websites. This is a CSCOPE 1st grade weather lesson that was plagarized.

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  1. concerned teacher says:

    Plaigarism is illegal. Parents stand against CSCOPE in your child’s schools. Virtually every teacher knows that CSCOPE provides inferior instruction, but we are threatened with our jobs if we speak out.

    • The CSCOPE plagiarized lessons allowed the CSCOPE directors to quickly have content for all the lessons needed in K-12. Giving the director the benefit of the doubt that they didn’t know that authors were using plagiarized material, the CSCOPE directors are still guilty because they were not concerned what the lessons contained.

      One way to make the state education agency listen and take action in removing CSCOPE from our schools is for teachers to send me more examples of CSCOPE plagiarized lessons.