CSCOPE’s Plagiarized Weather Lesson

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This is the Information that was in a Grade 1 CSCOPE science lesson on weather. The information was too complex for first grade students, so I googled some of the sentences and found that most of the material has be copied directly from a website. The report was not sent directly to CSCOPE directors, but within days teachers reported that the lesson was no longer available on the CSCOPE website.

The weather unit has plagarized parts.

This is the source for the information used in the CSCOPE lesson. Soon after this lesson was identified, Ed Vera, CSCOPE Instruction Director at Region 13 sent a petition to the Texas Attorney General listing me as a vendor that desires to view the CSCOPE lessons so that I could possibly write a competitive curriculum. Ed wanted the CSCOPE material not to be viewed by the public. No transparency. A second petition has been filed even after it was reported that parents may view CSCOPE lessons.

This weather lessons indicates that there has been no oversight of the CSCOPE lessons. Were people paid to write the CSCOPE lessons and no one checked to see if the material was plagarized.

If permission was given to use the information, no credit was provided to the original source.

The source of the plagiarized information used in a CSCOPE 1st grade weather lesson.


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