CSCOPE Path to Sandy Hook

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The American flag with large print stating, "Proud to be an American."A WORD ABOUT SANDY HOOK
by Wade VanCleave
When I went to school in the 1940’s  and 50’s  we had good schools, good teachers, and plenty of books. Lots of books.
At the beginning of each day, a student spoke on the intercom to say a prayer to almighty God, Jesus Christ.  Then, we all stood and pledged allegiance to our country’s flag, which was either standing in every classroom or was affixed to the wall.
We were taught family values and that human life was sacred.
We had one principal and one vice principal and both were popular with the students. The vice principal had a long paddle, which he applied to the backside of any unruly kids. More often than not, if your parents found out you had to be paddled at school, you would be punished when you got home. Most likely a second paddling. I don’t believe that this discipline warped anybody’s psyche. Instead, boundaries were set and students knew the consequences for crossing them. Children today have few to no boundaries and have no fear of being punished.
Parents didn’t debate with school administrators whether or not a child needed the padding. Parents knew and respected the judgement of teachers and administrators.
I know that half the boys in school had a penknife or jackknife in their pocket, which was normal at that time. But, nobody ever pulled a knife on anyone.  That was just unheard of.  And certainly no one ever came into a school and started shooting kids.
Most if not all of today’s “shooters” are students themselves or are very young adults who never learned any social values in school and probably not much at home.
Unfortunately, in the 1960’s,  our country began to “liberalize” itself.  Liberal politicians came to power and these politicians over the last 50 years have managed to take social values out of the schools.   They said that the kids should not have to pray to God every morning so as not to offend someone.
They should also not have to pledge alliance to the flag so that went out the window.    They said that kids should not be paddled at school so as not to warp their little physic.
So discipline went out the window also to the point where now over half of the teacher’s time is taken up in trying to make  students behave.  But the point of all this is that our young people are not being taught VALUES.
So now when some nutcase walks into a school armed and starts shooting children, these same liberal politicians seemed so stunned and just can’t imagine how this could happen!   Their first response is to blame “GUNS!!”   Those evil GUNS are killing our children!!   But I can tell you in no uncertainty that guns are not responsible for Sandy Hook or any of the other gun related tragedies.
 Liberals are responsible for Sandy Hook and they should be imprisoned for what they have done.    I am not naive enough to think that will happen but what we can do is get these people out of public office  and replace them with more conservative God Fearing people.
  I know that Sandy Hook is especially tragic and different because this nutcase went into a elementary school and shot little children….babies.   But for grown men in our government to stand up and blame GUNS for Sandy Hook is stupid on top of stupid.
 I am most discouraged over what has happened to our school system in this country and especially in Texas where I live.   Remembering the schools we once had,  it is really heartbreaking to see that we have come down to such a shabby instruction material like Cscope.
Cscope is attempting to teach Islam to our children. Our children are not allowed to read the Bible and learn about Jesus in school, yet are directed to read about a false God called Allah. Who are these liberal wack-o’s responsible for this? Muslims would cut off the heads of anyone that would try this in their schools.
Until it can be determined who is at the bottom of this, I suggest we start at the top, the superintendent. Find out why your children have no textbooks. Demand paper copies of the CSCOPE lessons. According to one Cscope lesson, Paul Revere was a drug dealer and the Boston Tea Party was an act of terrorism. Who are these communists that have taken over our Texas Schools? Who wrote this trash? Let them stand up and be identified.
There are forces at work in this country that are attempting to destroy America by warping the minds of our children. We do not have to take this.
Wade VanCleave……… a proud conservative, a proud American and one who supports the American Constitution and all its amendments, including the right for every American citizen to own a gun, and I do.
Comment by Janice VanCleave
The CSCOPE directors have posted the following on the CSCOPE parent portal:
CSCOPE is built on the premise that the district and the individual classroom teacher know what’s best for their students. The CSCOPE system is designed with the capabilities for districts to customize curricular and instructional components;
Parents, what is CSCOPE teaching your children? What effect are the anti-American and anti-Christian lessons having on your children. What path is CSCOPE paving for your children?
When parents are purposely cut out of the education of students, something is wrong. CSCOPE and Common Core support the idea of there not being any truths–its what you think it is. This liberal philosophy sets no boundaries for students. What paths are these liberal teaching philosophies paving?
How are children to place value on lives when babies are aborted and they are taught they are no value, only a quirk in an evolutionary process.
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  1. Steffani Jones says:

    I would be interested to see the lesson Paul Revere being a drug dealer. Where can I find that one? Must have missed the TEKS on teaching that lesson.