CSCOPE or Common Core?

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CSCOPE and Common Core are one in the same. Same micromanaging of teachers and dumbing down of students.

Common Core wrapped in a CSCOPE package has sidestepped Governor Perry’s mandate that Texas will not use the federal Common Core Standards.

The teacher in this video could be describing CSCOPE or Common Core. The results is the same. Teachers are leaving, but no one seems to care.

Parents! What are your children being taught? Why are teachers leaving?

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  1. Joan Mellusi says:

    I am shocked that this could happen in America. I have a grandson who is dyslic and has a lot of help. He is now A student. I am so proud of him. I would like to see this for all children. What a great teacher to do this on his own time. We need more of these not less. Please e-mail this site to me, I would like to send it to others.


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