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Silhouette of a superintendent with a crown. Books are in trash and the superintendent says, "Because I said so!


1. “We need CSCOPE to teach the rigor found on the STAAR test.” (MYTH)

The error laden assessments in CSCOPE include open ended questions but any answer is accepted. This format, if used on the STAAR test has a specific answer. Most of the students fail the poorly written assessments causing undue stress and leaving the students feeling like failures. Lessons are full of time wasting cut/paste, foldables and frivolous activities that dumb down the educational value of the lesson.

2. “CSCOPE is just a scope and sequence. Teachers are free to design their own lessons.” (MYTH)

CSCOPE is used to control teachers. In a 2012 training, administrators were taught that “CSCOPE simply helps leaders create compulsory learning environments.” Frequent walk throughs by monitors leave teachers feeling pressured to teach the same lesson on the same day as other teachers for fear of recrimination. Administrators claim that walking through teacher classrooms as many as three times a week with an electronic clipboard is “best practices,” without regard for damage to teacher morale and creation of an oppressive environment. Copyrighted CSCOPE materials state, “To support implementation of this curriculum, districts must have processes and personnel in place to ensure that there is sustained monitoring of the curriculum and that individual teachers do not have the option to disregard or replace assigned content.”

3. “We will get rid of CSCOPE if you can find something better.” (MYTH)

There are plenty of high performing schools across the state that are not using CSCOPE. The TEKS that must be followed can be downloaded for free from the TEA website. A scope and sequence is merely a calendar plotting the progression of lessons to form a timeline before test dates.

5. “CSCOPE is cost effective compared to other options.” (MYTH)

CSCOPE is LEASED on a yearly basis. Thus, schools pay year after year for a product that is not completed when the school year starts. Teachers can not work on lessons over the summer, as is common practice, because lessons are posted in sections as they are written. CSCOPE not only depletes the Instructional Materials Fund, excluding the purchase of quality textbooks, but it includes hidden hard dollar costs for an exorbitant amount of paper, teacher time wasted running papers, substitutes paid for during CSCOPE trainings, and consultants paid to enforce the use of CSCOPE.


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  1. jason sweatt says:

    So if Mike the school board member feels so strongly and is really a school board member why does he not post his full name and the district he works for?

  2. Whether it is CSCOPE, Common Core, or using the basal/textbooks, it is pretty much all the same when it comes to point of view. Whatever group is writing the educational text, it is through their lenses, experiences, and culture. It is all BIASED when you get right down to it. Everyone just has to use their own lenses to determine the bias/point of view. I’m mainly referring about social studies and the history content that I keep reading about.
    I’m a teacher that has taught with and without CSCOPE. I like certain parts of CSCOPE and those parts were much more beneficial than working from the basal or other curriculum materials.
    I’m a graduate from Riesel ISD and I say that very quietly. I graduated third in my class yet I got a rude awakening in college. I was BEHIND compared to the other college students. Someone mentioned Marlin ISD above. Are they implementing CSCOPE now and for how long? That is definitely one school district that I would hank my kids out immediately!!!! I’m surprise the state hasn’t already closed the entire district.
    I taught with CSCOPE for 5 years and my students got homework every night, so my parents saw what their children were learning. Yes, to access CSCOPE you need to have a username and password. You also need to have a username and password to access ThinkCentral which is part of an aproved adoption curriculum.
    I can tell that certain districts seem to have gone overboard with the CSCOPE issue. I guess I was fortunate that the district I worked in let us know that although CSCOPE was our adopted curriculum, we were to use it as a tool among all the other items in our toolkits. We just made sure to follow the Year at a Glance documents, VADs, and the IFDs. I’m happy to say that majority of the campuses are exemplary in a Recognized district. Although, those titles don’t really mean anything to me because even schools that just teach to the test get that label.

    • Great!

      The ESCs took $152 million dollars to develop and present TEKS workshops and instead are selling CSCOPE.
      UUM! Where is our money? Why sell CSCOPE when great TEKS material was developed–the ESCs just didn’t
      advertise and present it to many?

      So your superintendent wasted money buying CSCOPE when they had in their possession free and much
      better materials. I have seen the K-4 science materials and they are 200% better than CSCOPE.
      So you are being cheated.

  3. Anna Spruell says:

    I find this disturbing. My school is not listed as a CSCOPE school but some of the teaching methods employed in our district make me wonder if our administration hasn’t looked into and adopted a few of the theories from it. Education is getting scary. I’m a little upset about what I’m hearing about school boards as well. I am currently running for ours, hoping to be a catalyst for change. Our district tells us (parents) nothing of any importance. This is called oppression and the withholding of vital information has always been the best way to oppress a people. After what I’ve read here, I seriously wonder if I will be able to accept a school board position with a clear conscience. I want education reform! Every child deserves better than this and every parent should be outraged at the mentalities that are being taught to our children and forced down parents throats.

  4. I am a Board of Trustees President of a Texas School District. I can promise you this; we are launching and investigation into the CSCOPE Curriculum. I will not tolerate or allow our school district to continue to use CSCOPE if ANY of or even a little indication that this is true. My promise to the children of our great State.

    • Mike, as a former educator in a public school district, I am sick over what has transpired in our schools. There is so much that parents do not know and they should.
      I have only been gone from public schools for three years. What I could see happening at that time made me leave. You are a hero to parents and teachers for taking a stand against CSCOPE.

    • 4 real teacher says:

      Thank you Mike. We teachers don’t understand why more school board members are not standing up for children. I am a teacher working hard to stand for children and get CSCOPE removed from schools. We hear that school board members are being “trained” by the superintendents to go along with this. Can you shed any light on how this is happening? Thank you again.

      • School Board members and superintendents belong to private professional organizations called Texas Association of School AdministratorsTASA and TASB,
        Texas Association of School Boards. Since these two organizations are receiving around $30 million from schools across Texas (school taxes that your superintendent and school board members approve) I have no respect for them. Your superintendents and school board members pay their own membership dues to TASA and TASB. Also convention fees and workshops for them. Since they control where the school budget money goes, they can get away with this. But it is time for the
        tax payers to stop this and right now.

        TASA and TASB are separate organizations, but according to school board members TASB encourages school board members to rubber stamp what the superintendent wants. Also, TASB encourages school board members that their loyalty is to the superintendent–not the community. I have found this to be true in my school district, which is Marlin ISD. One of the school board members told me that the board assumes that the superintendent knows more about things, such as curriculum, so they agree with what ever the superintendent decides to purchase. The problem is that our superintendents are being led by TASA. TASA led a group to California in Feb. to learn from the person who was instrumental in developing the federal government common core curriculum how to implement Common Core in our Texas schools. While CSCOPE and Common Core are equally bad, if a school district implements common core, they are giving away all control of your school district to the Federal Education Agency. Think about it—Why would any superintendent think about doing this? Since your superintendent has been given the authority to purchase CSCOPE, a curriculum that is only a supplementary material, and one that has never been evaluated, if CSCOPE has been purchased, your superintendent has already shown that the education of your children is not his/her priority. So, why are these superintendents purchasing CSCOPE?

    • just a mom says:

      Thank you, Mike. Keep at it. We, as parents, feel that there is so much info to wade through. It is difficult to be informed about thousands of pages of buerocratric legalese. Thank you for opposing CSCOPE.

  5. Does anyone really find the level of nihilism observed in our kids surprising? By the time they reach adolescence they have been taught that all value systems are absurd, parental moors, if present are “outdated” and laughable. Taking a firm stand on anything is “judgmental” and “intolerant”. Cynicism is what is lauded as scholarly. What is amazing is that the cynicism that is exercised to the point of disdain for God, parents and country are not “sensed” as intolerant. There is no “collective” as judgmental and “intolerant” than academics.
    I am self educated. My parents inspired in me a passion for reading. I consider myself a public school “survivor”, from the seventies.
    I would encourage everyone that cares to read up on John Dewey. This whole breakdown in education was planned a very long time ago. Most of the lions and icons of modern academia dating back to early 1900’s were debauched and virulently evil people. See George Bernard Shaw and Margaret Sanger.
    God Bless Texas…

    • Brian,
      Thank you soooooooooo very much for your comment. Everything about CSCOPE and the
      people who it is patterned after have the evil intent of controlling the minds of our children

      CSCOPE promotes the idea of being controversial, being argumentative–no respect.
      We can stop CSCOPE.
      Use this link for a sample request with state code of your rights as a parent. Demand hard copies of CSCOPE lessons. Demand to see the CSCOPE tests your children take. Find out if the test actually match what is being taught.

      Encourage everyone to contact Senator Patrick to remove CSCOPE from Texas Schools. Sen Patrick needs support of Texans to remove CSCOPE.
      Tweet Dan Patrick Here:
      Call Dan Patrick’s Office Here:    1-512-463-0107

      FYI: Senator Patrick and Senator Campbell –Senate bill that will give legislatures power to stop CSCOPE. Please contact your state representatives.

  6. There is an email circulating that says CSCOPE is teaching kids to be liberals. And some 6th graders had to design a flag for a new socialist country. TRUE?

    • True

      • I keep hearing it both ways. How do I find out the truth? Of course the SCOPE sites is favored toward it and claims the rumors are just rumors but I can’t see the curriculum so how do I know what to believe?

  7. Bob Brewer says:

    Keep it up Janice. I tried to get in touch with you this morning to call into radio station Lubbock Fox 950. They had me on for about 15 minutes and kept referring to things I said about cscope. it would’ve been great if you could have called in as a real expert!

  8. obviousISradical says:

    yet another reason for homeschooling or private schooling…