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CSCOPE Lessons are now free for the taking.

CSCOPE Lessons are Free Its true. Senator Patrick made a deal with the 20 Texas State Education Service Centers to delete the CSCOPE lessons from their files.

According to Mason Moses, School Districts have the legal right to copy the CSCOPE lessons.

According to Barbara Cargill, chair of the state board of education, School Districts who have copies, e-copies or hard copies of CSCOPE lessons after Aug. 31, 2013 may use them if they so desire.

According to Thomas Ratliff, vice-chairman of the State Board of Education, CSCOPE is not gone. Mr. Ratliff says that he will make the CSCOPE lessons available to the small school districts in his region if he has to copy and post them to his own website.

In Nov. 2011, I discovered that schools were using CSCOPE lessons that not even parents were allowed to view. This was a red flag–a big warning that something was very wrong. With the help of many people, enough evidence was collected to warrant a Senate Education Committee hearing on CSCOPE. Senator Patrick is the chairman of this committee and he expressed shock and dismay that such a program was being used in our Texas schools. Thus, Senator Patrick made it a goal to remove the CSCOPE lessons.

In May, 2013, Senator Patrick made a deal with the ESCs to have the lessons removed from the CSCOPE User website and any other source under the control of the ESCs. Agreed! Senator Patrick announces that the deal with the ESCs ends the Era of CSCOPE lessons. This announcement was received with joy by concerned parents and other Texas patriots working to improve education in Texas. But alas, it was another political bargaining and their was only one winner, the ESCs. They are no longer responsible for the content of the CSCOPE lessons but have managed to put CSCOPE lessons in more Texas school than before Senator Patrick made his bargain.

What Senator Patrick should have said,

The deal made with the ESCs about deleting CSCOPE lessons only applies to the ESCs.

School District who have CSCOPE lessons on e-file or hard copies are free to use them. In fact, the CSCOPE lessons will be available to schools who are registered users (paid a yearly fee to use the lessons) until Aug. 31, 2013.”

The ESCs are keeping the lesson available until Aug. 31, 2013, so get busy and download and save them. The lessons will no longer be available by the ESCs after Aug. 31, 2013. 

After Aug.31, 2013, school districts, educators, or anyone who has copies of the CSCOPE lessons can consider the lessons their own property. 

Well, I fought for the right to view the CSCOPE lessons. I wanted everyone to be able to view the content of the CSCOPE lessons being taught to Texas children. Teachers anonymously shared the content of the CSCOPE lessons and it was so disturbing that national news picked up the story. Even so, for more than a year the ESCs stood firm and refused to allow parent to view the CSCOPE lessons. Even after being directed by Senator Patrick, acting as chairman of the Senate Education Committee, parent were never given access to the CSCOPE lesson posted online. A few lessons were finally posted on a special public website–very few.

I have not succeeded in providing public access to the CSCOPE lessons, instead the ESCs have turned the CSCOPE lessons over to the School Districts. Now the ESCs will charge a fee for the materials said to accompany the CSCOPE lessons. YEP! The ESCs are no longer responsible for the content of the CSCOPE lessons–your school districts have taken on this responsibility and will still be paying a fee to the ESCs.

I cannot stop the School Districts from downloading and saving the CSCOPE lessons. What I can do is post the CSCOPE lessons on this website, so that parents will be aware of what is being taught to their children. Time permitting, I will add corrections for the science lessons. I am requesting that the ESCs give me a password to the CSCOPE website.

I told Thomas Ratliff that I will be posting the CSCOPE lessons and following is his reply:

With all due respect, I don’t think you or your website will inspire a lot of confidence in the minds of educators across Texas regarding the CSCOPE lessons.
                                           Mr. Ratliff and I do not always agree. 
There are dozens of people working on this (downloading and saving CSCOPE lessons) and I’m sure the lessons will be available before school starts up.

Unfortunately, there is more to this story.  

Are School Districts Making Fraudulent Hardship Claims 

Some school district administrators are reporting hardships due to the CSCOPE lessons being removed.

This is not true. All they have to do is to turn on their CSCOPE user website for step-by-step instructions for downloading and saving the lessons. This was posted prior to the deal made with Senator Patrick.

ALL School Districts who paid to use CSCOPE lessons during the 2012-2013 school year can download and save the CSCOPE lessons until Aug. 31, 2013.   Since these school districts can copy and save the CSCOPE lessons, wouldn’t such a report be false?

Texas Education Agency spokeswoman Debbie Ratcliffe says three school districts have already filed hardship reports blaming the loss of CSCOPE lessons and asking for evaluation of their schools to be waived next school year, 2013-2014.  These schools are  Madisonville CISD, Port Aransas ISD and Rice CISD. Those three are still pending.

Doesn’t TEA spokeswoman Debbie Ratcliffe know the CSCOPE lessons are available to these schools? She will.

Check out the article  by Published on

Mr. Michels quotes different Texas School Administrator crying out for help because the CSCOPE lessons have been ripped from the hands of teachers who desperately need them. These administrators really present a pitiful story. Since their sad tales are based on a lie, citizens of the different school districts need to take a closer look at who is in charge of the education of their children.

You can read the entire article Here!
Forced to Go CSCOPE FREE!

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