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What Do You Want To Know About CSCOPE?

I realize that there is so much information on this website that it is difficult to find answers to all your questions. So, I am adding this post so that instead of comments, ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer them or find someone who can.

Please let others know about this website. The more informed parents and Texas patriots are, the easier it will be to get CSCOPE out of our schools.

One thing you can do to help is to contact your representatives and ask them to support Steve Toth’s HB #760, which is designed to force online instruction materials to be evaluated by the SBOE–State Board of Education. Thus, all online instructions in the future will have to have the same evaluation as do textbooks. ‎

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  1. CreationsbyME says:

    Just found your site and very concerning information, to say the least, so far…

    First of all, though, let me discuss an interesting tidbit. Did you know that if you go to Wikipedia (yes, I know it is an unreliable source) and look for info on CSOPE, it actually has a (small) page. At the bottom, in “external links,” is the Official Website. Curious, I linked to it.

    **Does anyone know about TCMPC?? Is this the CSOPE program re-named?? It is definitely a new program as the site says that more information will become available at a later time and the content on the website is very sparse.
    ** I know they have recently released the “gag order” on the teachers and administrators about disclosing any info about the CSCOPE program. Why? And what do they consider so awful about CSCOPE to cause such an injunction?
    **Are the things I have read about encouraging communism and socialism and depicting the Boston Tea Party as a “terrorist act” in the CSOPE program correct or blown out of proportion? Has anyone actually seen an outline of what is to be covered in history, science, math, or English classes under CSOPE?
    **How do “we” help choose what textbooks to use in the schools? Is CSOPE (or any similar programs) essentially an online-based school?
    **If all 20 ESCs have adopted this methodology of teaching, is the final resort to just remove the children affected? And, if so, how will this influence the score of any major testing used by colleges (I.E. SATs) that the children will have to take at a later time? Does it also mean that the tax payers would pay more taxes to supplement the income lost from the removed children?
    **As this program is intended for K-12, what repercussions do young adults face when they hit college (other than a reality check)? Have there been any studies on the psychological effects young adults experience in this massive shift of new knowledge? For example, does this cause more 1st year or freshman students to stop attending because they are overwhelmed? And how are Texas colleges adjusting from this large gap in education? Do they have to change their curriculum to counteract these insufficiencies?
    **Should these questions be going to my state representative? If so, I am still glad I said them because there are a lot of gaps in the story and it may have given these readers something to think about…

    I am going to be blunt… I do not have any children and do not plan on any; however, I do have 7 nieces and nephews in the system (one who graduates next year and cannot spell what I would consider simple words). So I am concerned. I know, because I am not a parent, that if I ask for curriculum info I will probably be denied or brushed off. Many of my friends are removing their children from the public education system for a plethora of reasons with most citing the curriculum and excess testing as the “why”.

    Teachers, as well as many other professions that are necessary to the foundation of our society, are so underappreciated that people are just not going into them anymore. Nursing is incredibly hard to get into and heaven help you if you might be on medication for anxiety or depression!!! Sheesh and Really!?!

    P.S. ADD can also be attributed to boredom in the material being taught. I have always read at a significantly higher reading level than my classmates. Have you considered this rather than a medicinal approach? I am NOT a medical professional, so I am not making any recommendations; however, I did have a similar problem growing up. I was always bored; as a result, I dropped out at 16 (earliest age in Texas) and took (and passed the 1st time) my G.E.D.- most peers/teachers believed any excess absenteeism or inattention was due to ADD or “not living up to my potential” (please do not tell your children this!). I went into college at 19 and am now working on my bachelor’s degree. Yes I have been in college longer than some of my peers from the same class, but it has been due to lack of funds rather than inability to learn. I have a 3.6 GPA and am working through my anatomy/physiology, chemistry and math classes—successfully! Anyways, the point is, do not be so quick to put a label on your children; they tend to stick even when the behavior is fixed.

    P.P.S. Most of the articles are from mid-2013. Is there any, more recent, information available about CSCOPE? Thanks!

    • Janice VanCleave says:

      Thank you for your comments. I have not been attentive to this website because I just got worn down with all the negative things I find about education.
      I am using your comments in an article that will be posted ASAP. I will respond to each of your questions. Please contact me at

  2. I really love your site.. Excellent colors & theme.
    Did you build this amazing site yourself? Please reply back as I’m hoping to create my very own blog and would like to find out where you got this from or what the theme is named. Cheers!

  3. Greetings from California! I’m bored at work so I decided to browse your site on my iphone during lunch break. I enjoy the information you present here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home.

    I’m amazed at how fast your blog loaded on my cell phone .. I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .
    . Anyhow, superb site!

  4. Sorry but I am coming in late on all this and not understanding exactly what this is all about. What is CSCOPE teaching that is so bad and how are the parents not notified of this.

    • Janice says:

      For one thing, the CSCOPE lessons are poor in quality, not always correct and even when revised by the TESCCC the revisions are not always correct. The TESCCC directors are not interested in the quality of the lessons, they have other agendas–Making $ for one, being in control of the Texas Education for another.
      See for yourself how poor the CSCOPE lessons are.

  5. Robert Duncan says:

    I have a a few questions. My 8 year old is in Lewisville ISD which is not on your list of schools using C-SCOPE, but i have a few questions. The teacher, counselor, and principal all think my son is ADD because he is not completing work in school. My wife and I took him to the doctor and he was diagnosed with ADD and was put on meds. Through all this process I have come to several conclusions or realizations:
    1) My son may not be ADD just bored at school since the only effect the meds have had are moodiness. He reads well above his grade level and has good penmanship in script and cursive.
    2) The school and the teacher are teaching to the TEKS test
    3) Other than spelling words the teacher does not send homework home with my child, even through a school guideline says he should be spending at least 30 minutes a night studying.
    4) The school/teacher does not want to send home study materials.

    In a parent/teacher conference I asked the teacher why he does not get homework and was told they do more class based work and with that there is very little homework. I also asked that she send the material for the next week home with him the preceding Friday, at first she agreed but then gave an excuse of she did not want me exposing MY kid to it before it was taught in class and said she would send that weeks lesson home at the end of the week. I got that packet one time.

    My questions are this:
    1) Is it possible for a school to implement a C-SCOPE curriculum on their own outside the district policy?
    2) Is it possible for a teacher to implement a C-SCOPE curriculum on their own?
    3) Are there on-line homeschooling sites that teach without C-SCOPE? We are considering homeschooling for a more one on one experience and a more thorough teaching more critical thinking as well as not being taught to pass a test.

    • Many schools whether CSCOPE or not are using the teaching philosophy you describe,
      which is called progressive. No books–no homework. Parents that ask questions are
      considered to be interfering –the school knows what is best for your child–parents
      just don’t understand the new 21st century teaching methods.
      NOT TRUE—- Stay with it. Do not let a teacher or administrators make bad decisions
      for your child.

  6. Bill Watts says:

    I’m a computer nerd – yep, a geek. I love my technology! Try out the latest gadgets all the time.
    Has anyone noticed that CSCOPE has taken lessons off the network as soon as it gets debated or has bad press and replace the problematic lesson with a different lesson?
    I have and my worry is that once SBOE is finished evaluating this CSCOPE product at taxpayer expense, (textbook publishers pay for this themselves before their text is adopted) what prevents the programmer from changing something? What happens when they replace something with what they might call updated material?
    I don’t think oops is a good answer!
    CSCOPE and the Regions came through the back door and violated my trust. Did they violate your trust?
    How can we trust CSCOPE or the Regions?

  7. retired and happy says:

    Below are 2 very interesting documents which will expand on the information in your message above and also the article Follow the Money Trail. They explain the development and financial details of CScope. Information concerning CScope background is from the attorney for TESCC. (Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative)

    (Cleaning Up Waste and Taking Out the Trash in Government)

    • CSCOPE – What’s Behind the Curtain? Part I
    • CSCOPE – What’s Behind the Curtain? Part II

  8. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an extremely long comment
    but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Anyways, just wanted to say great blog!

    • Sorry about the tech malfunction.
      Maybe when you rest you will rewrite your comment.

  9. bob runi says:

    Who created the ESCs in the first place? Where did they get “revenues” before they were enhanced by “permission to produce and sell products to implement their income so they could better serve school districts?”

  10. Who is responsible for producing CSCOPE?
    Why are schools purchasing CSCOPE if it is so bad?

    • 1. The Texas Education Service Centers were established in the late 60’s to help school districts. In 2003 the ESCs were given permission to produce and sell products to implement their income so they could better serve school districts. At this time all 20 of the ESCs take part in the selling of CSCOPE which was originally created by a few of the ESCs. To be part of the consortium that owns CSCOPE, each ESC contributed $200,000.00. No one has explained where this money came from. But the ESCs are considered Texas Agencies, and the employees are paid with Texas Tax money and the building housing each ESC is supported by Texas Tax money.
      2. Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) and Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) support the implementation of the Obama Common Core Standards. Superintendents and School Board members are paying for their membership, workshops, and conferences sponsorted by the private TASA and TASB organizations to the tune of about 30 million dollars each year. Yes! 30 million dollars of school taxes that you pay to support your local schools is being given to TASA/TASB so that your superintendents and school board members can be members==attend conferences to discover how to implement common core. CSCOPE is purchased by superintendents and school board members –sight unseen. They do not have a clue what is in the lessons and don’t really care since CSCOPE and Common Core both have the same teaching style which is more ==what do you think? No real truths? Let’s have equal education–lower the bar so all can be on the same level playing field.
      Why are superintendents so adamantly defending CSCOPE–what vested interest do they have in this product?