CSCOPE Exposed

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Published on Jan 9, 2013



Peggy Venable interviews anonymous teacher. Anonymous Teacher is very concerned about our students education, and quite frankly is fearful of retaliation. Should we be afraid to speak out in America?


Anonymous Teachers Gives Testimony About CSCOPE


A veteran math teacher, Stan Hartzler gives his personal experience using CSCOPE.


Ginger, a mom testifies about her CSCOPE concerns.


Stan Hartzler , a veteran math teacher who resigns because of CSCOPE.


Dr. David Stoval, apparent describing CSCOPE experience.


Anonymous Teacher, describes how CSCOPE is negatively affecting education. The teacher at the time of the taping was told by CSCPE that she could have legal action filed against her for saying anything negative about CSCOPE.


Ms. Mac, an educator and author reveals how CSCOPE is dumbing down students.




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