CSCOPE Encourages Bulimia

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Parents, CSCOPE is being removed from some school districts. It can be removed from your school district. Start informing everyone you know about this program. Don’t think it is over because bills are being filed and the state board of education is in the process of reviewing the CSCOPE lessons. The later could take years, the the former doesn’t have enough teeth to run this group out of Texas on a rail. So, it really is up to you. Start by asking your superintendent for copies of CSCOPE lessons. I am suggesting that you get copies of the CSCOPE lessons from your superintendent so that you can right then point out problems that you do not want taught to your children. You can ask why the unapproved, unreviewed  CSCOPE material was purchased for your school district. Note that never do this alone. Take two other parents with you. Each can ask for different  lessons. Also make a sound recording of the meeting. Things said will be recorded.

Some superintendents and school board members are scurrying to purchase CSCOPE even with all the negative press and the fact that the lessons are being investigated.  What possible reason would they have for doing this?  I am wondering if the  promised reward for purchasing CSCOPE is great enough for them to live with the consequences.

Have these superintendents and school board members considered the affect some of the CSCOPE lessons could have on their students? I am not talking about their passing the STAAR. Instead, what about physical harm because kids are being taught that vomiting is good for their bodies. Will these superintendents and school board members as well as others promoting CSCOPE for some personal gain take any responsibility for kids becoming bulimic or anorexia. Vomiting is not a pleasant event, but if their science teacher tells them that vomiting is good for their bodies, will they be more apt to try it to control weight?

Look at the Misconceptions from a 7th grade Science Lesson. While a low grade fever is a sign that the body is fighting against some bacterial or other problem. Just let this fever run it course. But, a fever above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit is to be taken more serious. But the misconception that concerns me is about vomiting being good for the body. This is incorrect. But, it is not safe to teach teens that vomiting helps their bodies. What about bulimia and anexoria?

CSCOPE's Misconception About Fever and VomitingThis Misconception is in a newly written lesson introduced to the CSCOPE Website in January, 2013.

Yes, this lesson may  disappear as soon as I post this article. That is why I am posting it. I want it not to be taught.

Also, I want 7th grade teachers using CSCOPE material to be alert to this error. If they have already presented it, please review the lesson and introduce the dangers of forced vomiting.

Parents, this  misconception came from CSCOPE’s 7th grade Science Unit 10 Lesson 1.

“BOOTS On The Ground Action Plan” 

Ask your superintendent for a copy of CSCOPE’s 7th grade Science Unit 10 Lesson 1. Point out to your superintendent the misconception and let him/her know that you do not want CSCOPE taught in your school. Be sure and show this lesson to others. You can be part of taking CSCOPE out of your school.  Remember that when you visit with the school superintendent be sure to take at least one person with you and record the meeting.

Make sure you also get the the Handout about Blood Sugar. For information about this handout and how it gives diabetic students dangerous advice, see CSCOPE’s Dangerous Diabetes Lesson




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  1. Where are the images portraying CSCOPE’s 7th grade Science Unit 10 Lesson 1 that encourage Bulimia? Would like to see these for myself.