CSCOPE Discredits Paul Revere

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CSCOPE US government lessons discredits Paul Revere.


U.S. Government
HS Social Studies
Unit: 02 Lesson: 01

Working with your partner, identify which amendment would apply to each situation.

1. John Deere is running for President, promising to require all states in the U.S. to set the same requirements for graduation from high school, including an agriculture course.
2. Jonathan Appleseed owns a large apple orchard located on land the government needs to expand an interstate highway.
3. Al Capone is arrested and thrown in jail. When he asks to know the charges, he is told “Sorry, we don’t provide that information until time for trial.”
4. Mr. Wrigley is fined $20,000 for sticking his used piece of chewing gum under the subway seat.
5. Father Christopher, a Catholic priest, is told he cannot be a candidate for the public school board because of his position in the church.  Catholic priests do not have a ‘position’ in the church because it is not a business.  Catholic priests take a sacramental vow to become an apostle of Jesus Christ, as such, serve as our shepherd.  It is rather ridiculous to imagine a priest desiring to run for a local public school board!  And furthermore, there isn’t any item in the first ten amendments that would rule out a priest from running for school board.  What is this talking about?  The amendment says the   government is prohibited from passing legislation to establish an official religion or preferring one religion over another.  The person writing this lesson possesses such little understanding of our Bill of Rights that he/she is not qualified to be writing instructional materials for high school students, or any students, for that matter.
6. Suzie Dresser wants a jury to hear her lawsuit against a dry cleaner who ruined her $40 silk scarf.
7. Actress Brenda Starr is found not guilty of charges that she intentionally drowned her husband. New evidence is found that would prove she indeed did do the crime.
8. Butch Cassidy decides to start answering questions about his role in various bank robberies, but in the middle of the interview with police, he says he wants to “take it all back and not answer any more questions.” He is told “Sorry, Butch, but you gave up your right to remain silent, and now you must tell us anything we want to know.”
9. Based on an anonymous tip, police suspect Paul Revere Does this imply that Paul Revere, a beloved American figure, was hiding drugs in his home?  of hiding an illegal substance in his home, so they kick in the door to search at 2:00 a.m.
10. The local military barracks is overcrowded, so authorities come to Betty Crocker’s home and tell her that since she is such a good cook, they are bringing ten soldiers to live in her home.
11. New City High School, one of ten high schools in town, wants to hold its annual homecoming parade on Main Street at 5:00 p.m. on Friday afternoon.
12. Mass murderer Jack Ripper’s trial is scheduled to start next week, and because of the graphic evidence to be presented against him, the judge wants to exclude all spectators from the courtroom, allowing only himself, Ripper, the lawyers, the jury, the witnesses, and court employees in the courtroom.

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  1. This is innovative? It’s pure hogwash. Stupid. I LOVE history because I had wonderful teachers that brought it alive for their classes. This is confusing mish mash and will not teach the kids anything.

  2. Steffani Jones says:

    You’ve got to be kidding! This is what they call a lesson? This is how they want to teach Amendments?