CSCOPE Denies Parent Rights

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Hi, I’m Dr. David Stovall, and I’m a concerned parent –

Concerned about CSCOPE being used in our public schools.

As a parent, it is my belief that we not only have a right to be involved with our kids education, but we have a responsibility. My experience with CSCOPE has been, that CSCOPE makes exercising that responsibility very difficult. And by that, I mean there are no textbooks – Our children were being taught, and they were coming home to study with no resource for us to be actively involved.

We went to the CSCOPE website, to the parent portal. We found that to be useless!

And we traveled over to their frequently asked question page – and what we found there (but has since been removed) –

We found inside that Frequently Asked Question Page,

“Why does my child not have a textbook?”

The answer is that CSCOPE was not designed for students’ direct access.
The problem then, is that students are left without any other resource to study with at home.

 Education Study: Three Things Needed for Successful Education

As far as, from a parenting concern, there was a report that was done in the late 90‘s that looked at hundreds of studies in education. They asked:

“How can we find a common theme, that says, out of all these studies?
“What makes education successful?”

What they found, was that it had nothing to do with the families’ income level or social status. They said there were three things that makes education successful:

  1.  Is the home environment conducive to learning?
  2. Do the parents have a high expectation for success, but not unrealistic?
  3. Are the parents actively involved in the kids education?

What we have found, is that CSCOPE has made that third aspect of the whole equation, very, very difficult, and almost impossible in some aspects.

CSCOPE Inhibits education by inhibiting parents from being involved in the education process.




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