CSCOPE Curriculum:CSCAM?

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CSCOPE Curriculum is advertised to be aligned with the Texas State standards called TEKS, and to be a comprehensive material. In fact, the CSCOPE curriculum is said to be all teachers need to know what they are to teach and when.
CSCOPE content is so shallow and incorrect that there may be a case that the CSCOPE directors are conartists and CSCOPE a Bunko scheme.

This is called CSCOPE SCOPE and Sequence.

I’ve studied the CSCOPE 5th grade science scope about forces. It is not comprehensive. As to being aligned with the TEKS, I don’t think listing the TEKS qualifies for being aligned.

One part of the CSCOPE Scope is called vertical alignment. I have taken only the 5th grade science TEKS and Specificities for you to evaluate. Is it CSCOPE or CSCAM? I say CSCAM.

Part 1 CSCOPE Curriculum-TEKS and Specificities

Part 2 CSCOPE Curriculum-Information Focus Document

What do you think? Are the CSCOPE Directors selling CSCOPE or a CSCAM?

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