CSCOPE Affects Real Estate Sales

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Real Estate harder to sell with CSCOPE in Schools.I just wanted to thank you all for putting up this website.

We are considering returning to Texas and have found out that the local small town school is a cscope school.  So are all the nearby public districts.  The nearest private Christian school is about an hour away, so it looks as if we will be living there instead and commuting to work.

I am sure that there is enough in my decision to make most everyone unhappy: the public school system is deprived of the incremental revenue of one more student, my salary will be deposited in the town with the Christian school, we will be going to church there, and we will be patronizing local business there instead of the where I will be working.  Heck, even the liberals will be upset about my “increased carbon footprint.”

Maybe someday we can get this curriculum thrown out of the school system and such radical solutions won’t be necessary.

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