CSCOPE 5th grade Science YAG

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No YAGs SignThis chart is the yearly schedule for each of the 5th grade science TEKS for the 5th grade science STAAR TEST. YAG 5th Science

The grouping of these TEKS has not changed since the grouping was made in 2010.

Teachers were given permission to copy and save this schedule. If teachers have copied all the 2012-2013 CSCOPE Content, what are the ESCs selling now?

The ESCs used no special research to determine the grouping of the TEKS.

The 20 ESCs were given $100 Million dollars to prepare professional development TEKS transition materials for science, math, social studies and ELAR. For that amount of money, why didn’t the ESCs include a YAG?

In 2010, the Science and ELAR transition materials were to be prepared. This material was to be available in print, presented as academy workshops in the summer of 2010 as well as posted on the education website, Project Share.

The money was from the Rider 42 grant given by the 81st Texas Legislature.

The Rider 42 grant had specific objectives, one being that PD materials would be developed comparing the Old TEKS for the TAKS tests to the New TEKS for STAAR tests.

Texas Education Service Center in Region 4  (ESC-4) was given the responsibility to develop the K-12 Science Transition materials.
There were materials developed for K-4, 5-8, K-12 overview, Chemistry I and II EOCs, Physics EOC, and Biology EOC.

I requested and received copies of this material and have reviewed all of it. There is no specific format for the materials and they greatly vary in quality. The science K-4 TEKS transition materials has more useful information, but none of the science PD materials met the goal of comparing the Old TEKS for TAKS tests  with the NEW TEKS for STAAR tests.

The Rider 42 Science TEKS transition material created by ESC-4 provides a list of all the Old TEKS followed by a list of all the New TEKS. There is no comparison between Old and New TEKS.

The ESCs promoted the idea as has Thomas Ratliff, member of the State Board of Education, that the new TEKS for STAAR are so complicated and so many in number that teachers need assistance in understanding them. The objective of this TEKS propaganda was  to encourage school districts to purchase the CSCOPE instruction material.

 Ironically, while ESC-4 was busy created Rider 42 Science TEKS Transition Materials, ESC-20 was working on developing CSCOPE science TEKS  transition material, which is far more useful to educators. But, only CSCOPE schools were able to see the CSCOPE transition materials. While all Texas educators could have attended the Rider 42 TEKS transition workshops, all 20 ESCs failed to advertise these events.

It was an OPPS!
“We should have told educators in our district about this most important program. We did list it in our catalog with other events.”

Every ESC was given money to advertise and present science workshops during the summer of 2010. This was important because the New Science TEKS for TAKS were to be used in the 2010-2011 school year. Yes, these are the TEKS that the ESCs say teachers need assistance with. The ESCs say that Teachers need help in understanding what the TEKS mean. The ESCs say that Teachers need help in making sure they cover all of the TEKS during the school year.

So, why didn’t the Rider 42 science TEKS Transition Materials  have a schedule for the new TEKS?

The Rider 42 Science TEKS Transition materials did not compare the old and new TEKS, but the CSCOPE transition material did. WHY?

The Rider 42 Science TEKS Transition material did not have a yearly suggested schedule for the new TEKS, but the CSCOPE material provided a YAG for every subject K-12. Why?

It appears that no matter how much money the ESCs receive in grant money to develop free educational, the ESCs devote their efforts to products that they sell, such as CSCOPE.



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