CSCOPE 5th Grade Science IFDs

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No IFD SignIFD is an acronym for Information Focus Document.

The 20 Texas State Education Service Centers (ESCs)  took it upon themselves to restructure Texas Education. These 20 ESCs  created a bogus company by the name of TESCCC,inc., which created an online K-12 curriculum for math, science, social studies, and ELAR. This one-size fits all curriculum is called CSCOPE.

CSCOPE lessons were kept secret until a group of concerned citizens revealed the content of some of the CSCOPE lessons. The content of the CSCOPE lessons revealed errors, biased Islamic lessons, as well as Anti-American lessons. The TESCCC directors proposed a solution to the problem, which was that they would not write any more lessons under any name and would delete the files of CSCOPE lessons in their possessions.

Demonstrating that they are not to be trusted, the TESCCC directors, gave teachers permission to copy and save the entire 2012-2013 CSCOPE Content. Instructions were saving these files provided on the CSCOPE User website. CSCOPE lessons, VADs, & IFDs were specifically identified. But, other part of the 2012-2013 CSCOPE User included assessments, such as Rubrics for the lessons and Assessments for each unit of study. The assessments, according to Wade Lebay, state CSCOPE director, are not for evaluations for the lessons, but as a teaching tool to show students how the TEKS for the unit in question could be written. According to Mr. Lebay, the assessments were never meant to be used as part of a student’s grade, but as a teaching tool. With this explanation, and permission to copy the entire 2012-2013 CSCOPE Content, teacher had permission to copy the VADs, IFDs, YAGs, TEKS verification document, CSCOPE Lessons, CSCOPE  Lesson Rubrics, and the CSCOPE Assessments  for each unit of study.

Following are the CSCOPE IFDs, Information Focus Documents, for 5th grade science. Check these out for yourself. I’ve found some errors in the Misconceptions listed, but not in all. The TESCCC, directors claim that teachers need these IFDs in order to prepare their lessons. Will someone please demonstrate via a designed lesson that would be created using anyone of the IFDs. My point is that teachers are being labeled by the TESCCC directors as being stupid. No teacher needs the CSCOPE IFDs, which is a list of the TEKS for a specific subject and grade. The 5th grade science IFDs shown here have the Science TEKS for a specific unit of study, which are listed on the TEA website –yes they are grouped by units of study on the TEA website. The TEKS for Science Process Skills are on the IFDs and yes these are also listed on the TEA website.

Bottom line—–School districts have been sold materials that are free on the TEA website.

What is worse is that many of the School districts that purchased the full CSCOPE package, are now purchasing from the ESCs the same materials that teachers have copies of. Why? What reason are superintendents giving for paying for a product they already have copies of.

I am posting the CSCOPE Contents on this website so that the public can view this material.

The CSCOPE lessons posted online are not the same lessons that were used in the classrooms. The lessons were revised, the website links removed, and some of the student activities that were previously pointed out to be biased, incorrect, etc….. have been removed. These are the lessons that were sent to the SBOE to be evaluated. There will be people speaking before the SBOE showing the real CSCOPE social studies lessons and the CSCOPE lessons for public viewing and for the SBOE to evaluate.

All the IFDs for 5th Grade Science Units are provided below. This is another CSCOPE document that the ESCs and School Administrators who purchased CSCOPE claim that teachers must have. Again, I do not understand its value. Teachers who support CSCOPE, will you please provide an explanation of how you use this document. I find that many of the misconceptions listed on the CSCOPE science IFDs are incorrect and having a list of the Science Process TEKS on each IFD seems like a space filler as well as much of the other materials. After the List Of IFD Links is information about the CSCOPE 5th grade science IFD for Unit 2.

CSCOPE 5th Grade Science Unit 1 IFD

CSCOPE 5th Grade Science Unit 2 IFD

CSCOPE 5th Grade Science Unit 3 IFD

CSCOPE 5th Grade Science Unit 4 IFD

CSCOPE 5th Grade Science Unit 5 IFD

CSCOPE 5th Grade Science Unit 6 IFD

CSCOPE 5th Grade Science Unit 7 IFD

CSCOPE 5th Grade Science Unit 8 IFD

CSCOPE 5th Grade Science Unit 9 IFD

CSCOPE 5th Grade Science Unit 10 IFD

CSCOPE 5th Grade Science Unit 11 IFD

CSCOPE 5th Grade Science Unit 12 IFD

Unit 2 IFD Rationale Misconceptions






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  1. A Few Corrections says:

    1. IFD means “Instructional Focus Document” not Informational.
    2. Dissolving salt in water is a chemical change.
    This unit is just laying the foundation for physical and chemical changes, which they will learn in 6th grade more in depth (Chemical Changes: SE 6.5D).
    3. Mixture – a combination of two or more substances that can be easily separated in some physical way
    Solution – a type of mixture in which the particles of one or more substances are uniformly dispersed (spread out) throughout another substance; the solution has the same uniform appearance and composition throughout. (Can you see similarities and differences?)
    4. This is Unit 2, during the first 6 weeks of school, not at the end of school. Process Skills are in every IFD.
    5. In a perfect world students would come from 4th grade knowing the misconception about solutions, but a teacher needs to be prepared just in case.
    6. Still not sure why #6 has a box around it.
    7. Density – the amount of matter that will fit into a given amount of space. A styrofoam cube can be the same size and thickness as an iron cube-but the iron cube is more dense.