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Parents,Saving the Content of CSCOPE of 2012-13 CSCOPE lessons

Find out if your school is still using the CSCOPE lessons. Yes, the ESCs are so dedicated to having the content of the CSCOPE instruction materials used in Texas classroom that they gave away the CSCOPE Content that was previously sold.

The owner of the CSCOPE instruction material was actually a phantom company called TESCCC,inc. I call it a phantom company because it was referred to as a “shell” company by Senator Patrick, chairman of the Texas Senate Education Committee. Prior to TESCCC officially being dissolved, the real directors of this fake company provided teachers with instructions on how to save PDF files of the 2012-2013 CSCOPE Content.

The components of the 2012-2013 for each subject/grade include: VADs, IFDs, YAGs, TEKS verification matrix, CSCOPE lessons, Rubrics, and Unit Assessments.

If all of this material is copied and saved, what are the ESCs selling to School Districts who support the CSCOPE Instruction Material?

Instructions for saving the CSCOPE ContentSince the components of the CSCOPE user website has been declared public domain, copies of this material will be posted on this website so that the public will be able to access it and make their own decisions about its quality. The best way to evaluate the information is to see view several consecutive units of material.

Click the following links to see examples of  2012-2013 CSCOPE 5th Grade Science YAGs, VAD, and IFDs. These are all CSCOPE Components that the TESCCC gave teachers to copy and save. Because this material and other part of the CSCOPE content were allowed to be saved, it is all considered Public Domain.

The material is being posted on this website so that it can be evaluated. Parents can decide if this is material that they want taught to their children. It takes time to point out all the errors in just one grade level of science, but the errors are not restricted to science materials.

Year At a Glance (YAG)

If teachers copied and saved the YAG for the subjects they teach, what are the ESCs selling to school districts?

Vertical Alignment Document (VAD)

If teachers have copies of this, what else do they need? What is in the new package deal that the ESCs are selling to the schools who previously purchased CSCOPE lessons? 

Information Focus Document (IFD)

This is something that is prepared for every CSCOPE Unit. 



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