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Please Send Emails today to your senator recommending Barbara Cargill to be Chair of the State Board of Education. 

2.9.13 — Further on down the page, I have posted the link to John Griffing’s latest CSCOPE article published in  World Net Daily.  Please be sure to read it.  

by Donna Garner

Of utmost importance is to make sure that Barbara Cargill is confirmed by the Senate Nominations Committee to continue as the Chair of the Texas State Board of Education  She is scheduled to go before the Senate Nominations Committee this coming Monday, Feb. 11, at 10:30 A. M.  If she gets the committee’s nod, then she will go before the full Senate for confirmation probably on Wednesday, Feb. 13.

 The whole country has been watching to see how Texas will deal with CSCOPE; and in large part the uncovering of this very questionable curriculum started when Barbara Cargill was accessible to the grassroots citizens. Because she took the concerns seriously and personally went through each complaint to verify it for herself, she soon realized there were definite problems. She allowed the SBOE to have an informal hearing on CSCOPE and conducted the discussion with fairness to all sides. She then worked effectively with Sen. Dan Patrick and CSCOPE/TESCCC to come up with the plan of action as described in the following John Griffing’s article.


Lawmaker confirms immediate changes in controversial operations
Published: 2.9.13

by JOHN GRIFFING Email Archive


Barbara Cargill has given excellent leadership throughout her entire time as chair of the SBOE.  Her calm demeanor and kind ways have endeared her to people on all sides of the aisle. They know that she will give everyone a fair chance to be heard on the Board. This is exactly the type of Chair that the SBOE needs so that they can accomplish their goals of guiding the public schools of Texas, including their new responsibilities to scrutinize CSCOPE.


When Texas Senators arrive in their offices on Monday morning, they need to have hundreds of e-mails in their boxes, all asking them to confirm Barbara Cargill as Chair of the SBOE.  Please click on the following links and write to each Senator on the Nominations Committee.


To contact the rest of the Senators to tell them that you expect them to vote for Barbara Cargill as chair of the SBOE when she comes before the full Senate, please go to this link to find the rest of the Senators’ e-mail addresses —





Position Member
Chair: Sen. Glenn Hegar
Vice Chair: Sen. Donna Campbell
Members: Sen. John Carona
Sen. Troy Fraser
Sen. Jane Nelson
Sen. Kirk Watson


Donna Garner

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  1. John Machinski says:

    CSCOPE needs to be completely shut down. No Texas school district should be allowed to use their curriculum even as a resource.

  2. michael morris says:

    We cannot allow this cscope regimine to continue. We’re going down the socialist, one world order progressive form of government. This has been in the plans for decades. The current administration was meant to be the keystone for locking in this progressive form of governing. Our president is tearing our Constitution and way of life apart. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again ,As an honorably discharged USMC VET and an honorably retired 26 yr police veteran, I will NEVER salute that person. If his gestapo is checking email, tweets, etc. I’m sure I’ll be on his short list. GOD BLESS AMERICA
    hang tough, mike