Cheating Administrators?

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What is the One Focus of Texas Education?

Cheating Administrators
Why has going to school caused little children to cry and become so stressed they vomit?

What pressure is causing teachers to fear losing their jobs?

What would parents like stopped?

Why would principals cheat?

The answer to all of the question is the STAAR.

When Should State Testing Be STOP?

When the test is no longer assessing student progress, instead it is a “money cow.”

When test results determine whether a student passes or fails an entire year of school or a specific course.

When administrators force teachers to improperly administer the test so the school receives higher marks.

When administrators force teachers to drill instead of teach.

When textbooks are discarded for a product like CSCOPE that guarantees success on the test.

When a private organizations like the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) works to stop the test.

When the test is suppose to be the purpose of every lesson taught.

When the reputation of the company controlling the test is questionable.

When the standards the test is based on limit curriculum content.

When the state education agency becomes dictatorial instead of part of a working team to educate children.

From my point of view, the driving force of Texas Education is one thing, STATE TESTING.

I am suggesting that state testing be put on hold in 2013-2014 so that Texas schools can get back to educating students instead of preparing them for the yearly STAAR Tests. Since the legislature is allowing some Texas Public Schools to opt out of the State Testing, its time for parents to opt their children out of the state test in 2013-2014. 

Administrators who cannot do their job unless they have a curriculum guide like CSCOPE need to be replaced with someone who can. No contract buy outs. Some Superintendents make big $ by not doing their job and then accept a buy out of their contract. A record of superintendent transfers is needed. Will someone volunteer to collect this?

Following is an article about a principal accused of improperly administering a state test. Is the principal guilty? Does this happen often? TEA allows the superintendent of the school district to be in charge of an internal investigation to determine if the accused principal is guilty or not. Let’s imagine another parallel situation where the superintendent encouraged principals to do what ever it took to improve student grades on the state tests. A principal is reported for improper administration of the tests. In the past when this happened, TEA was notified but not the local news. It was all swept neatly under a rug and school proceeded as before. Are the grades of select student groups being inflated? The test results have not been valid for this school in years, yet some students have been retained, some forced to attend summer school, and some have repeated subjects.

School Board Discusses Principal Suspension

Posted: May 01, 2013 9:06 PM CDT
By Adam Hammons – email

MART -Mart ISD school board members discuss investigation on testing irregularities under high school principal.

Mart High School principal LouAnn Wolf is on paid administrative leave after findings of possible irregularities in testing practices. Superintendent Todd Gooden updated school board members Wednesday on the investigation into the accusations. That meeting was in a closed executive session because it involved personnel matters.

However before the meeting, Gooden said there would be no witnesses called and he would just update board members.

Without witnesses, will the superintendent give an unbiased report? Is this even possible, no matter the superintendents feelings? It is obvious that TEA is not doing its job. 

Gooden says Wolf was accused from within the school Wednesday, April 27 for irregularities on the 11th grade TAKS Test.

How about the grades on the tests. Are they considered null and void? Will the students have to retake the Tests?

Officials immediately contacted the Texas Education Agency and the investigation began the same day.
Gooden says the district is conducting the investigation themselves using guidelines from the TEA.

Superintendent Gooden and the Mart school board purchased CSCOPE lessons to prepare Mart students for the state tests. The CSCOPE lessons have been banned from being sold by the CSCOPE vendor.

“Testing irregularity is a very serious matter,” Gooden said.

If Testing Irregularities are so serious, why didn’t TEA make the investigation instead of allowing fellow administrators to conduct the investigation? Fellow workers cannot conduct an unbiased investigation.

Gooden says this will be a long process and there’s no use speculating on any kind of future punishment.


I have a question which has yet to be answered? Where were their suspensions and where was the media when this transpired last spring?

What is good for the goose is good for the gander. As Eric Moore from TEA said, ” A Testing Coordinator should certainly know better.” “They are the ones who should know all of the testing rules.”

I agree. If Mart administrators and test coordinators are cheating, of what value are the STAAR/EOC Test scores? Did the cheating affect all students or just some that were chosen? 

Parents certainly have grounds for not allowing the STAAR/EOC test scores affect whether their child passes or fails. 


I do not for one minute believe that the MHS principal did this. I also question the validity of the investigation. If the Mart Middle School Principal and the District Testing Coordinator did the investigation as I have heard they did, how can you justify that? They were both reported to TEA last year for cheating on the TAKS test. HMMMMM.
Sorry, let me rephrase that last sentence. The head football coach and superintendent were best friends and it took a teacher turning the principal in to TEA. Where were you media? Why no suspension? The teachers were made to cheat on the 2011 TAKS test. Scooter again
 JVC: This is very interesting and if more teachers would come forward, many administrators would be suspended. As the pressure from the state increases for kids to pass the STAAR, more administrators will pressure teachers to cheat. Nothing new about this. Nothing new about nothing being done about it unless its a teacher being accused of cheating. JVC
The middle school principal of Mart was turned in to TEA for cheating on the TAKS and STAAR tests in 2011 and 2012. Where was the media when that happened and why was she not suspended? Difference was her husband was the head football coach and the investigator was the superintendent, the coach’s best friend. HMMMMMM. Scooter

JVC : There really isn’t anything new in Education. For any changes to occur in education, parents are going to have to stand up for their kids. What percent of Mart students who have played football in the last decade went on to be drafted by a professional team?  What percent of Mart students who graduated from Mart went on to be successful citizens in the last decade? 

Compare the parent and community involvement in Mart’s athletic program with involvement in academic programs. Why are administrators being accused of cheating? Since the Mart administration is investigating accused administrators, no matter the outcome, the issue will never be settled. 

Someone should investigate both LouAnn Wolf and Francis Penland who both abandoned Marlin ISD when the school received an unacceptable ranking from the State. How does LouAnn Wolf become a Principal of Mart ISD and Francis Penland become a Superintendent of Karnes City ISD when they are responsible for destroying Marlin Elementary? Francis Penland would use Karnes City ISD as a stepping stone to become the Superintendent for Connally ISD. Both, LouAnn Wolf and Francis Pendland personal greed came at the expense of Marlin ISD students.  I guess it wasn’t “all about the kids” was it now?
 Now this is interesting. The more I investigate CSCOPE and education grants the more I discover that little seems to be about the kids. I have seen Marlin elementary lose so many wonderful teachers because of the administration. Hopefully the new leader, Mike Stern is making positive changes.  JVC
Why do you need to update board members, if the top person in the chain can’t be trusted and is caught, get rid of them!
Let’s at least have an unbiased investigation before the hanging. 
At least they have a great football program, so there’s that!
I like the attitude of this person. He/she has captured the real focus of public education.
Since the STAAR/EOC Tests are used to determine whether students fail or pass, what is the point of kids attending school all year? Think of how much better the football team could be if they were not bothered with going to classes, homework, etc…. Kids don’t really need to attend school until after the Christmas break when they begin the drilling for the STAAR. In fact, maybe TEA would postpone the testing until the very end of school. Thus, the drilling would not have to begin until around Mid-March. This goes along with the new progressive learning of kids discovering what they want to learn. They would only have to attend school a few months each year. Think of the savings.
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  1. Kim Varvel says:

    I love this. I just found it on the internet. I am the one who turned the Mart Middle School Principal and the Mart District Testing Coordinator in for cheating on the TAKS and STAAR tests. Thank you for your comments.
    Kim Varvel
    1205 West Trinity
    Groesbeck, TX 76642

    • Janice VanCleave says:

      Kim Varvel,
      I live near Riesel. We are neighbors.
      I volunteered to help set up a science lab in the Marlin Middle School. I started
      with an empty classroom. It was a task that I was very excited about. In fact, instead
      of writing a comment about my experience, I will write a blog and post it on this site.
      In a Nut Shell– Money, facilities, and qualification of teachers have little to no effect
      on the quality of education in school districts where:
      1.there is little to no discipline;
      2.students know they will pass regardless of class grades;
      3.athletes are guaranteed to participate in sports regardless of class behavior or grades;
      4.where students and parents are only concerned about passing grades and have no interested in