Another Joke: Senate Bill 1474

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Senate Bill 1474 Has No TeethTexans, we must study bills our state legislatures are writing.
I have never been politically involved, and truthfully have found the politics of Texas education very corrupt.

New legislatures are needed. Mr. or Mrs. Smith goes to Austin type people. No special training or degrees are  necessary to be a state senator, state house of representative or a member of the State Board of Education. The content of Senate Bill 1474 is an example that having a law degree is not needed.

Until now, those who were the best at lying had the best chance of being elected. Texans are alert and will not be fooled by sweet family photos of children, cats, dogs, horses, etc…. Who cares if you wear cowboy boots and ride a horse.  Hopefully incumbents will have a harder time being reelected if some of the bills they have written, supported or voted yes for are comparable to Senator Duncan’s Senate Bill 1474.

I  sponsored a high school Student Council. The student council members would not have written or voted on something as vague and “toothless” as Senate Bill 1474.

Senate Bill 1474 was written by Senator Duncan. Know that Senator Duncan partnered with Senator Patrick in making the infamous deal with TESCCC. This deal is best known as  “The CSCOPE Lesson Era Ending Deal”. TESCCC is the illegal company formed by State Employees at the 20 ESC. Why have Senator Duncan and Senator Patrick created non-inforceable documents in regards to CSCOPE?

[Anyone figured out why state employees that formed a shell company to sell CSCOPE are still selling the same CSCOPE product?]

Duncan S.B. No. 1474

A BILL TO BE ENTITLED AN ACT relating to the adoption of
major curriculum initiatives by a school district.

There seems to be no stopping our Texas legislatures from writing and passing vague, toothless bills.
What exactly is a major curriculum initiative? The first lessons in science is to Never give vague descriptions. Senate Bills are very important. It appears that our current Texas Senators have a flippant attitude about their duties. How does Senator Duncan determine the difference between a major and a minor curriculum initiative? But then how does Senator Duncan identify a curriculum initiative? Think of how much money our state senators are wasting with ineffective legislation such as this. All of them need to be closely investigated by Texas citizens before considering electing any one of them back in office. Parents who have asked how they can help, this is a job that can be done via your computer. Read some of the education bills that have been passed by politicians running for office in the next election.  


SECTION 1. Subsection (g), Section 28.002, Education Code, is amended to read as follows:

(g) A local instructional plan may draw on state curriculum frameworks
and program standards as appropriate.

Educational terms have been so twisted and misrepresented by the 20 ESCs that it is anyone’s guess as to what the state curriculum frameworks are. Anyone know what program standards are? Where can one find copies of the state curriculum frameworks? How about a copy of the state program standards? What program is Senator Duncan talking about?

Each district is encouraged to exceed minimum requirements of law and State Board of Education rule.
Each district shall ensure that all children in the district participate actively in a balanced curriculum designed to meet individual needs.

State Senator, State Representatives and the governor of Texas can pass one thousand education bills, but if they are vague as Duncan’s SB 1474, they are as worthless in positively affecting the education of the children of Texas as was the deal that Senator Patrick and Senator Duncan made with the 20 ESCs’ illegally formed company called TESCCC.

Even young children know that rules without consequences are of no value. Too many Texas legislatures have gotten away with submitting and passing bills such as this absolutely worthless SB 1474 because Texas citizens, such as  myself, have not been attentive. Texans have had the idea that Texas legislatures love Texas and that they will work hard not to make Texas an example. Texas education has led the way for many years. Texas has held the line on conservative, and yes Christian values. Unfortunately, we have not been deligent in overseeing those we have voted into office. Our legislatures have not valued our trust in them. Senator Duncan, like too many legislatures, both in Texas and in Washington DC have been in office too long. Texans as well as all Americans need to demand a limit on public offices. 

Senator Duncan is a lawyer. He know that this bill is of no value. Like the code stating that a lobbyists cannot be a member of the State Board of Education (SBOE), because there is no stated consequence for an offender, Thomas Ratliff, a lobbyists for Microsoft is not the vice chair of the SBOE.  The list of bills without any “teeth” go on and on. WHY? What is the point of having state legislatures if they only do what is right by the people of Texas if we push and shove and force them to. Texas citizens are at a disadvantage because for us to protest bills, we must pay our own expenses, while those opposing are paid protestors (our tax money). One example is the Texas Administration of Administrators (TASA) who are supported by school taxes.  This groups pays people to lobby for TASA’s Vision Learning, which like CSCOPE is based on a project based learning format as is Common Core.  Comment by Janice VanCleave

Before the adoption of a major curriculum initiative, including the use of a curriculum management system, a district must use a process that:

(1) includes teacher input;

(2) provides district employees with the opportunity to express opinions regarding the initiative; and

(3) includes a meeting of the board of trustees of the district at which:

(A) information regarding the initiative is presented, including the cost of the initiative and any alternatives that were considered; and

Does this mean that alternatives do not have to be considered? Thanks Senator Duncan. As a lawyer you know you messed this up. Why?

(B) members of the public and district employees are given the opportunity to comment regarding the initiative.

Members of different school district communities have in mass made comments about CSCOPE. So what? 

I was so nieve when I started investigationg CSCOPe. I thought proof that CSCOPE instruction material is incorrect, biased, and anti-American would be viewed by the Senate Education Committee and the culprits selling this product would be delt with. Instead, Senator Patrick and his side-kick, you Senator Duncan had private meetings with the illegal company directors. I am not so sure the two of you were tricked. After really analyzing SB 1474 I am at a loss as to why we have state legislatures. I’d think a law school student submitting this bill would fail.  Comment by Janice VanCleave

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