Action Plan to Remove CSCOPE

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Don’t Depend on Austin to Fix Problem In Your Schools

Think About This!

Why is CSCOPE in your school? Because your superintendent and school board members bought this product sight unseen. The local ESC told them how great it is and TASA (Texas Association of School Administrators) supports it, so like sheep they bought CSCOPE.

You have to persuade your superintendent and school board members not to purchase CSCOPE again and to stop using the lessons now.

Think About This!

What can you do to convince your superintendent and school board member not to purchase CSCOPE? Start by informing them about the CSCOPE lessons. They may not be interested and may want to try to convince you how wonderful CSCOPE is. But you must arrive with no less than two other parents with details about one of the CSCOPE lessons and be able to point out that it is one of 1600 CSCOPE lessons that is bad.

Below is a list of CSCOPE lessons with information you need. Pick one of them and learn about the lessons–When you visit with the superintendent, ask for a copy of the one lesson. Then, point out all the problems with the lesson.

Following are links to different CSCOPE Lessons. Problems with each lesson is identified and suggestions are given for using the lessons to demand that CSCOPE be removed from your school. If you need more information about any of the lessons, please send your questions to:

Start A Parents Boots On the Ground Action Group

Invite parents you know to a meeting. This can be at your home with a few people. More information will be added to these Boots On The Ground Action Plans, but for now, you can show other parents these Boots on The Ground CSCOPE lessons. Ask each parent to make an appointment to visit with the school superintendent and to take at  least two parents to the meeting.

Record the meeting with the superintendent. Use your cell phone or other devise, but make a point to tape the meeting.

Also, make appointments to visit with school board members. Your superintendent should give you a copy of the lesson you ask for along with any worksheets you request. Use this material to speak with each of the school board members, one at a time.

CSCOPE Lessons will be added often. So check back. 

1. Lesson: 7th grade Unit 10 Lesson #1  Homeostasis.


2.  Lesson: 7th grade Unit 10 Lesson #1  Homeostasis. 

CSCOPE Encourages Vomiting


3. Worst CSCOPE Lesson

This lesson pits students against parents, administrators, even the SBOE




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  1. Sam Bloom says:

    I have taught Cscope lessons in both Jr. High and HS for several years, and have taught for over 40. I can tell you right now that there is nothing wrong with Cscope Science lessons, and the attack on Cscope to me appeared to be nothing but a bunch of baloney from extremist who have no idea at all at all of what they are talking about. Excellent lessons, content, etc. A great curriculum gone due to fanatical nuts.

    • Janice VanCleave says:

      I have read too many CSCOPE science lessons, communicated with many science teachers, and seen the negative STAAR Test results of my local schools to allow you to praise this
      these lessons. Are there some good ideas–yes, but the bad lessons with errors that start in K and continue through junior high have never been corrected.
      The sad part is that the CSCOPE curriculum is not gone. Instead, some school administrators, such as those in Marlin ISD are still using it. Since Marlin Elementary students continue to fail the state exam, it appears that administrators in Marlin have their own agenda and it is not educating the students. Administrators are now spending Title 1 and Title 2 money for professional development designed and presented by other Texas Administraotrs and coaches. COACHES???? Few coaches are qualified to present professional development for classroom educators. OOPS! Maybe the problem with Texas education is that coaches who may be fantastic in directing an athletic team make up a large percent of the administrators in public schools. This is not new. But in the past they did not dictate when and what educators would teach. With only a few exceptions, administrators didn’t treat teachers with disrespect.