What is CSCOPE?

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CSCOPE is described by the vendor selling it. Comments are added to point out contradictions.

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  1. Lucy Wolphat says:

    Just to be clear I am a very educated female…what the hell does that mess of an explanation of what CScope is mean? None of it makes any sense whatsoever. It’s just a bunch of jumbled words and initials I assume indication some sort of name or title…It’s not an explanation unless it explains what is being questioned.

    Nonetheless,if my child were in a school that introduced anything remotely related to terrorist, Islam or in anyway attempted to brainwash my child by distorting history
    in any way or telling my child to speak about one of the most horrific periods in World history, the Holocaust, as something more politically correct is antisemitism and disgusting and I would not allow it for one minute. I would be at my attorneys filing a lawsuit against the school. The schools require a permission slip signed by the parents of their students to go on a field trip, participate in intemural sports or any extra curricular activity, but, they can sneak behind the parents back and insist a child wear a burqua or say The Pledge of Allegiance in a foreign language, won’t allow them to wear a shirt with an Aerican flag on it because it will insult another student who is likely in our country illegally…What in God’s name is going on in this country…political correctness is destroying us…This Cscope farce is merely a form of indoctrination no doubt about it. When are we as parents and Ammericans going to stop being afraid to say something politically incorrect…after all the last time I looked the First Amendment was still in tact…they are our children, we pay the taxes to build these schools, to furnish the buses, feed the kids, pay the teachers and the principals and the books and supplies, when they don’t do the job we hired them to do, we need to gather the ones paying all the bills, that would be us and fire every last one of them….

    • Mary Lou says:

      You are correct Lucy. I heard someone say the other day that they don’t want to offend someone if they mispronounce a food name from a different country…. Really….?????? I have a last name that is someone confusing to say, but I don’t recall ever getting offended by the mistake. It’s out of control.

      • I am sick of the PC list of what to do and what not to do. Let’s just imagine the PC list is written on a black chalk board with white chalk. Now imagine a wet rag washing the chalk off of the board. YEA!!!! I can say Indian again. I can Eskimo again. I will again refer to all citizens of the United States as Americans with out indicating the country their ancestors originated from. I want my children and grandchildren to be taught to have pride in America–
        Following is from a biography about Thurgood Marshall
        Thurgood Marshall’s lifework, then, literally defined the movement of race relations through the century. He rejected King’s peaceful protest as rhetorical fluff that accomplished no permanent change in society. And he rejected Malcolm X’s talk of violent revolution and a separate black nation as racist craziness in a multi-racial society.
        The key to Marshall’s work was his conviction that integration — and only integration — would allow equal rights under the law to take hold. Once individual rights were accepted, in Marshall’s mind, then blacks and whites could rise or fall based on their own ability.