Traditional vs. CSCOPE’s Progressive Education

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CSCOPE is a constructivist teaching philosophy.  With CSCOPE, students have self-directed learning, which is called discovery learning.

Do you want your children to direct their own learning or would you prefer a teacher directed learning environment?

A comparison of traditional education to progressive education.


Traditional (Classical)
Type #1-

TEKS and STAAR/EOCs based on Type #1 (fact based) Teaching Philosophy  

Progressive (Constructionist, Discovery, Authentic)

CSCOPE and Common Core
Teaching Philosophies  

Teacher’s   Role

Teachers are the  source of knowledge, and the authority figure

Teachers act as facilitators, counselors, and mentors


Direct instruction by teacher in homogeneous groups (groups of students with similar abilities).

Student (self-directed) learning, discovery learning, and cooperative work in heterogeneous groups

Student’s Role

Learn what the teacher teaches, which includes discovering facts on their own

·    focus on intellectual, factual learning

·    discover what they learn

·    act as peer mediators, tutors and counselors

·    focus on learning, feelings, and opinions


·    focus on academic areas with facts, ideas, skills, methods that include student discovery

·    based on research, documented facts

·    balance academic and social concerns

·    concerned with student’s “higher order thinking”

·    often based on unproven fads





·    Direct Instruction of math concepts, formulas, and facts

·    prefers “drill and skill” of necessary facts

·    Interactive and discovery learning – “fuzzy” math

·    rejects memorization

Social Studies

Focus on American heritage, national sovereignty, and cross-cultural studies

Focus on diversity, multiculturalism, and global citizenship


Emphasis on academic skills in traditional core areas / measured objectively


Emphasis on the “whole child” approach  that blends psychological, social and cultural well-being of the child / measured subjectively


·    periodic use of objective achievement tests

·    students evaluated by grades they earn

·    use assessment tests

·    the 4 P’s – posters, portfolios, projects, PowerPoint

·    grades inflated so all students succeed



Citizenship and self-control

Relativism (no right or wrong) and self-esteem


Equal opportunity

Equal outcome

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  1. So, the chart has nothing to do with CSCOPE, right? Is it a CSCOPE document?

  2. ariel2900 says:

    This ideology is not just in Texas—it has been around the Cincinnati, Ohio area for far too long. I have been a teacher for 22 years and have seen so many changes, but none like this. The concepts that CSCOPE uses have been forced on us through professional development based on ideas by Mazano and others. As a teacher, I would give anything to find another career, but as a parent, I feel like I need to stay to fight as much as possible and look out for my own son. When are true Americans going to ban together and fight back?

    • I am inviting all true Americans to join Texas in fighting CSCOPE. Then our group will continue to grow and sweep out the common core progressive education in other states. Send your email address to and I will add you to an email list I am putting together to keep everyone up to date on new things that can be done to fight for our public schools.

      I am 71 years old. I am tired and would very much like to spend my days playing and writing stuff for my science website or what ever I want to do. But, instead, I am fighting against a devious group of people who have taking Texas Tax funds and created CSCOPE. Because this group is part of the Texas Education System they have flown under the radar in not getting the CSCOPE material evaluated by anyone. It is a pitiful collection of incorrect lessons that do not spiral from one grade level to the next. There are too many gaps for it to be by accident or incompetency.

  3. Janice, that is what they’re being trained for. That way, they’ll be too stupid to QUESTION THE GOVERNMENT.

  4. Gerald Keith Simpson says:

    WHO if anyone gets to review this curriculum?
    WHO designed the curriculum?
    WHAT sources did they use for their facts and curriculum?
    WHAT is their objective v.s. traditional objectives and goals in education?
    WHERE did their extreme liberal politically correct Islam friendly curriculum originate?
    WHERE did our government put their good judgement, wisdom, and prudence when selecting this biased garbage?
    WHEN did they put this program together?
    WHEN will it be fully implemented?
    WHO approved and originated this biased curriculum? Have they already been paid?
    WHO do we blame for this LEFT TURN by our state, so we will know who to VOTE OUT in 2014 elections???

    • Great questions and I have the answer to many of them. I’m working on compiling ALL known indoctrination centers and organizations into one list, by state, and hope to encourage a movement of parents, church leaders, etc. to start fighing this and take back education in their home towns. We will all need to unite and spread the word in every way we can – share information from each other’s websites, contact our local tea parties and ask for their involvement, contact our legislators, and work together on a plan to spread the word!!!! Great job here on exposing CSCOPE and great website!! Once the list of schools and organizations is completely updated on my site (thousands of them obtained over 4 years of research), I would love to share that info with you and join forces to start a movement!!!! The insane irony of it all is that Obama had and still has a large hand in launching this progressive education movement. For the sake of the future of our country, we have to stop it.

      • I am looking forward to having a list of organizations that can be contacted.

        Yes!! We must unite and work together on this. Obama has a very organized group and
        we can defeat them if we stand together.

        Thank you for your comment. I am seeking any and all help and will promote your
        website. Just let me know the URL.

      • tanni fawkes says:

        What is your site name, can you provide a link?
        We are about to fight it in PA. Here is a popular local site fighting common core

        Thanks contact them when you get your list up

      • Amy Jaeger says:

        I am looking forward to the list. I am heading up the charge in Hays County Texas. We have to take our schools back from the government. These are OUR schools not the governments! It is time to right this ship people. I am full steam ahead on this!

        • Amy,
          I created a section called “Boots On the Ground” and will start adding ideas in it so that parents can know what to say to their superintendents.

  5. Why send kids to public schools if they are spending the day giving their opinions. They can do this while they help sack groceries or flip burgers. Their opinions do not prepare them for any careers other than working at the Texas Education Service Centers.


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