TASA Betray Texas Public Schools

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TASA Misuses Tax Money

TASA is the Texas Association of School Administrators. If your superintendent is a TASA member, find out how much of the local school taxes is being paid to TASA. One small Texas school district is paying TASA more than $20,000 per year. YES, TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR.

Who approves this expenditure? No doubt, if my local school board is doing this, I am guilty for not attending the board meetings. But I will be there for their next meeting and will be more involved from now on. In my personal opinion, any superintendent or school administrators that attends the common core convention in California is betraying the school district and possibly breaking his/her contract with the school district. After all, the convention is to learn more about common core standards, which has not been approved by TEA.

TASA is hand and hand with the Texas Education Service Centers in putting CSCOPE in our public schools. Even the CSCOPE convention in June 2012 had Linda Hammond as one of the speakers. Ms. Hammond, instrumental in creating Common Core, and CSCOPE was patterned after Ms. Hammond’s methods.

TASA and CSCOPE directors are lying to the public about the instruction material in the CSCOPE lessons–which are hidden from public view.

Linda Hammond was instrumental in creating the Common Core Standards. Governor Perry turned down government money because he did not want Texas to be bound to the federal governments education policies. Not only would this mean using the Common Core Standards, but public education would be under the control of the federal government. So, why are our state school administrators working against the policy set by Governor Perry? Why are our state school administrators going to a convention with one of their prime objectives being to hear Linda Hammond speak and learn more about common core standards? Why was Linda Hammond one of the speakers at the last CSCOPE state convention, June 2012? Is CSCOPE the framework that will be filled with the common core standards?  Will your school administrators be using school taxes to go on holiday to California?

TASA and CSCOPE are fraudulently using school tax money to promote common core standards, which are not approved by TEA.


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  1. Your way of telling all in this artucle is
    in fact good, every one can without difficulty understand it, Thanks a lot.

    • Janice VanCleave says:

      I do so appreciate your support.
      Texas Education is like an onion with so many multiple layers.

  2. George says:

    The TEA would not be the government entity that would be in a position to approve the Common Core state standards- that falls to the SBOE. They are on record many times saying they would never do that.

  3. My district spent $13,000 to TASA and we’re part of the lawsuit against our state, suing for more money. It is a crime! And thank you for saying so!

    • TASA seems to be driving force behind CSCOPE. I base this on the fact that superintendents decide on what is purchased. TASA is now following Linda Hammond around sucking in every common core morsel she scatters around. Yes, our tax money will be used to pay for superintendents to take a holiday in California to feast on Common Core Standards. Since the CSCOPE 2012 conference also catered to Hammond both CSCOPE and TASA are arm in arm in their visionary goal of transforming Texas education. They are not hiding the fact that they are working against the TEKS. Yes, CSCOPE lists the TEKS, but then the CSCOPE specificities certainly are not how I would describe the meaning of the science TEKS. The CSCOPE TEKS specificities for world history do not align with SBOE standards. But, TESCCC doesn’t care–no fears–who is going to stand up and stop this group? Just because there are codes doesn’t mean there are consequences on the books.

  4. JOHN W. MORGAN says:

    These people need to be thrown out of the country for treason. All the parents that are not doing anything to stop this need to be thrown out to. My father is turning over in his grave!!!!!!