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When Gross Errors are Revealed in CSCOPE Lessons, They are Immediately Removed From the CSCOPE Website.

CSCOPE directors are white washing lessons as soon as errors and anti-Christian materials are reported.

Maybe this is how we can get CSCOPE out of our schools, one lesson at a time.


Teachers, read CSCOPE lessons, hand outs and online references. The goal of this website is expose any and all CSCOPE lessons that are not providing correct information, have sensitive material, or lessons that do not align with the TEKS, etc…… The selling point for CSCOPE is that being an online product, errors are quickly corrected.

CSCOPE is in its 7th year and the content of the lessons are getting worse instead of better.

Let’s make parents aware of what CSCOPE teachers are being forced to use instead of text books–books approved by the state board of education.

Text books have errors, but unlike the CSCOPE materials, parents are able to view text books and can report the errors. CSCOPE lessons are not visible to parents.

Until we can get the governor to shut do something about  TASA, the Texas Association of School Administrators, who is promoting CSCOPE  as well as the ESCs (Education Service Centers) selling CSCOPE==this website will continue to:

1. Alert parents that TASA and the ESCs are two groups using our tax money to destroy Texas Education.  We must STOP this Travesty.

2. Keep the public aware of CSCOPE lessons that do not align with the SBOE standards.

3. Keep the public aware of CSCOPE lessons that promote the Islamic religion or any religion and degrade Christianity.

As CSCOPE lessons are exposed for incorrect and anti-religious content, the CSCOPE directors take the lessons off line and give them a bit of “WHITEWASHING.”

With the help of teachers, a list of CSCOPE whitewashed lessons will be posted soon.

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  1. Scott Klump says:

    What philosophy of CSCOPE are you referring to? CSCOPE has been successful on my campus.

  2. Scott Klump says:

    I have used CSCOPE for three years. In 2013 78% of my students passed (6% above state average). This year (the first group of 8th grades that have had CSCOPE foe three years) we moved to 80% passing. Based on a sampling of 20 neighboring districts I will probably be 10-15% higher than state average. I believe that the IFDS (not necessarily the lessons) have helped me understand the needed specificity of the TEKS! I do use some of the old lessons but not all. I do use the suggested scope and sequence (YAG). I find the IFDS to be invaluable.

  3. I am truly grateful to the owner of this website who has shared this wonderful post
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  4. not giving says:

    This makes me laugh. Textbook publishers wish they could immediately correct the errors found in their textbooks instead of living with them for years or wasting money on reprints. CSCOPE authors are right to immediately take action when an error is found. Parents have never been issued lessons, teachers’ editions, advance copies of tests and answer keys, so why are you idiots asking for them now?

    • You must work for the ESCs.

      Others reading this, Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs) are at the bottom of CSCOPE. Contact your senator and representative and request that the ESCs not be allowed to sell any products. This will put a stop to CSCOPE and will not allow them to create any future materials.

      Also ask your state senator to find out why the groups Texas Association of School Administrators and Texas Association of School Boards. TASA and TASB are being financed with school taxes and why these groups are investigating ways to implement the Obama common core curriculum in our Texas Schools.

    • Not giving …fits you perfectly as it sounds like you don’t care one bit about what is being taught to our children. I on the other hand do! Of course parents can’t get copies of tests or have access to teacher’s editions. You are the idiot if you think that is what is being requested. Why don’t you investigate just a little before spouting off words such as “idiot” (go to the parent portal and see how much information you can obtain as to what your child is learning. There is not much there!). How do parents help with homework or with work missed when the child was absent? At least with textbooks, a parent can go over the lesson with the child and help get them caught up. I realize there are some parents who can’t or don’t care (not giving) to help their child, but there are plenty that do and with CSCOPE – PARENTS are NOT NEEDED. Not giving – is apparently receiving a Kick back or some financial pay to spout the things he/she is spouting.

      • Be part of the WomenOnThe Wall conference calls–Check here to sign up-

        There will be conference calls every week. Be part of them.
        Men and Women of Texas, speak OUT!!!

        Right-Wing Christian Men and Women of Texas Are Standing Up and Standing Against Progressive Education.
        Here we come.

      • As a teacher I have to agee with you 100%. I have been observing a first year teacher that decided on her own to use cscope for her math curriculum and doesn’t even realize the disaster she’s created. Many teachers have no choice about using cscope, but I’m totally unimpressed with the lack of instruction and the so-called “student-led” classroom. It’s very evident to me that these students won’t be ready for the STAAR. Even some very well-meaning people have been deceived to believe in the philosophy of cscope