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This is a comment from a Texas Elementary Teacher

“Between the canned mess of cscope, hours and hours of practice tests and state mandated tests, the narrowing of the curriculum, especially at the elementary grades, well, our education system in Texas is a travesty.”

Parents! It is time that we stop blaming teachers for test grades and take a good look at the administration.

Why have more than 80% of the Texas School Districts purchased the CSCOPE Managing System when teachers beg them not to?

Why have these same administrators forced their teachers to sign a non-disclosure document that prevents them from revealing the content of the CSCOPE material?

Let’s make a few hypotheses:

1. Since more than 80% of the state superintendents are purchasing managing systems, then superintendents  who have managing skills need to be hired.

2. Since more than 80% of the state superintendents are forcing their teachers to sign a CSCOPE non-disclosure form, then superintendents don’t want teachers revealing how bad CSCOPE.


Any parents familiar legal documents?

Does the following apply to CSCOPE or not?

The Texas Education Code gives parents the right to view instructional materials used in their children’s classroom.

Texas Education Code
Chapter 26
Section 26.006 Access to Teaching Materials

Sec. 26.006.  ACCESS TO TEACHING MATERIALS. (a)  A parent is entitled to:
(1)  review all teaching materials, instructional materials, and other teaching aids used in the classroom of the parent’s child; and
(2)  review each test administered to the parent’s child after the test is administered.
(b)  A school district shall make teaching materials and tests readily available for review by parents. The district may specify reasonable hours for review.

Parents we have the right to know what is being taught to our children. If you have to, make a copy of this code and take it to the school. But, find out what CSCOPE lessons are all about.

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