Warning! CSCOPE is in Public Schools

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                                      What CSCOPE Stands for:

     Constructive, Socialistic, Curriculum of Progressive Education


A warning sign to Texas parents about CSCOPE.


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  1. Write your state legislators. Call them. It is imperative that we remove this evil garbage and these evil people from our schools.

  2. As a parent i am sickened by the anti American agenda that spills from the white house .
    We must ban together to defend our children from the communist Agenda that has taken over our country.
    We cannot allow our childrens minds to be molded to this Agenda. This is our country, we will not allow this under our watch!
    Thousands and thousands of Americans have given their lives so we might be free men and woman by fighting communism in this world.
    This is a slap in the face of every Red blooded American alive and dead. It is a insult to our founders and the Constitution! This must be stopped or our Great Republic will fall for sure, the enemy is attacking from within! Call your Representatives NOW !

  3. I teach 8th grade in a Texas school district. I am also required to “teach” to C Scope standards. We (my fellow teacher and I), try to put C Scope in as small a box as possible so as to get to material that is truly of educational value. Due to the fact that the test questions are worded so poorly, written in a way that is difficult to understand, and covers C Scope-required materials so closely, we are to the point where we put a packet together that closely resembles the test and teach that packet. I must confess that when I was covering “rhetorical fallacies” during the past three weeks, I, for the first time nearly threw out the materials and told the kids that they should tell their parents that they are being slowly but surely being transformed into like-thinking robots. That’s what this program is–making sure that there is no black and white, just how each person chooses to view something according to their feelings. There is no longer time for reading for pleasure, working on writing skills, or any of the other basic skills these kids need. It’s all C Scope all the time. The stress of this agenda is driving good teachers out of education. Eventually, the only teachers that will be left are the young people who have come through our liberal universities and programmed to carry out this agenda.

    I will be in the classroom for four more years, just so I can put my 8th grader into private school. There is NO way I want my child being reeducated according to this socialist agenda.

    • Carol Ann Preston says:

      Good for you – reading your comment is giving a ‘twinge’ of hope in my MIND, that ‘real’ teachers, thinking for themselves and recognize right from wrong still exist!
      I pray for you, your courage and common-sense, and instead of quitting, you will use your God-given brain to lead teachers, who either don’t know any better or are teaching out of ‘fear.’ Fear based decisions are never led by God, as that too is an emotion, and as you are aware emotions are a result of our thoughts. This being another point you brought forward in regard to CSCOPE curriculum. And, this leads to more people making decisions in their lives without thinking, but react from their emotions.
      I ‘hear’a leader in your voice, one that not only cares, but an educated leader in what American schools are intended to be about, learning and not indoctrination, which is what is happening. I believe thus Indoctrination began in 2008, during Obama’s campaign, as his ‘Campaign’ held ‘Obama Camps’. These were for children and adults, and having received an invitation to attend, although I had come to my senses and realized I was NOT a Democrat, but a Republican, I continued to ‘appear’ as a supporter so I could learn as much about Obama as I could. The ‘Camps’ were indoctrination of ‘Obama’ and NO information was given prior to registration for such Camp, the only information I received was the location, dates and what time to attend, and of course the cost. No one would give me an idea of what the agenda was or the inanition of this Camp, except this was for ‘supporters’ Later, I watched some Utube video’s of these Camps, and praise God for the Wisdom to use my God-given brain & recognize a problem when I saw it. Anytime transparency is absent there is danger, and SCOPE has no transparency, and currently has taken down several objectionable pages from their website.
      Please, stay the course and FIGHT, for Texas children and education and know that you are NOT alone. We will not give in to this insanity and the ‘training’ of our children, grandchildren, and our future! Remember, there are those behind you, supporting you, and many you will never meet, but we are here, at the least in prayer and local activism.
      Many Blessings to you and your family, and all of those children you protect and teach.

  4. And one more thing, nullifying is great, but that is not all there is to do. You can not nullify education, you can not just nullify everything. Nullifying leaves a void, and sooner or later that void will be filled with more corrupt anti-American regulations. We must be proactive and install guards upon our Laws so we can put an end to all these issues. Nullifying only removes the symptoms, one after another. But through your state constitutions you can stop the disease before it infects our future. The power to nullify is necessary, but we must turn our attention on offense and block them before they become an issue. Thanks.

  5. This is so like Cuba. Google the Republic of Cuba and then read their Constitution. They became sovereign in 1910, has had 5 constitutions since, are a Republic, and controlled by a dictator, Fidel Castro. In their constitution it states that their children must receive education on Socialist Values. They are essentially a Constitutional Monarchy. America is heading full speed ahead to this devastation. What devastation? People live in Cuba, they get free education, free healthcare etc. What is wrong? Their is government controlled religion, government controlled education, government controlled healthcare etc. If you have an ounce of American Spirit in you, you know this is wrong, it is not Christian, it is not sovereign or free to say the least. The Peoples Constitution Coalition of Ohio is working through a people’s initiative to gain control of our schools at the local level through out Ohio and the Union. We are looking for 39 states to contact us so that the People of those states can put the mechanisms in their state constitutions to guard against this and other government take overs of our FREEDOM. Please contact us at committee@pccoh.com Join us for the fight for Liberty and Justice the AMERICAN WAY!