CSCOPE Director Supports NO BOOKS for Students

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This video below features Ms. Linda McCullough, at a Willis I.S.D. school board meeting.

CSCOPE World History Reference Present Incorrect Information about Christians

Ms. McCullough is responding to a presentation
by Ginger Russell.  

Ms. McCullough, speaking as a parent is defending CSCOPE. While Ms. McCullough is a parent in the community, she is also the person who sold CSCOPE to the school district.

As a representative of TESCCC, the company
Ms. McCullough works for, Ms. McCullough recently presented the Willis superintendent an outstanding superintendent award. What criteria was used? Were other superintendents considered? Isn’t this just a vendor giving an award to a customer?

Why did Ms. McCullough sell CSCOPE to her school district when she know the material has never been

It is deceptive  to state that CSCOPE is aligned with the state curriculum. The CSCOPE curriculum is a copy of the State Curriculum, which are the TEKS.

As more of the CSCOPE anti-Christian, anti-American, pro-Islamic lessons and CSCOPE website references are revealed, it will not be Ms. McCullough held to blame for purchasing CSCOPE. It will be the award- winning superintendent.

One very important part of Ms. McCullough’s presentation is the fact that CSCOPE DOES NOT promote
the use of text books. Instead of text books evaluated by the State Board of Education, Ms. McCullough
wants the teachers in her school district to use CSCOPE, which has not been evaluated by anyone.

In comparison to a textbook, which is a consistent reference for student use and has approved content, CSCOPE has ZERO instructional material for students and has never been viewed by the State Board of Education, much less approved. I would like the CSCOPE directors to explain this.

According to Ms. McCullough, CSCOPE is 21st century. CSCOPE has students using  various websites. CSCOPE wants students to determine the validity of these websites and to base their opinions on facts.
VALIDITY OF WHAT? What facts and where do students obtain them?

Parents protect their children from the websites that CSCOPE has them viewing.  The CSCOPE teaching philosophy is that students come to class with background information called “schema.” The excerpt above is from a CSCOPE World History website reference. This is one of the websites that the Willis I.S.D. students as well a large percent of Texas school districts are “VALIDATING.”
Students are not suppose to have to validate their own instruction materials. The superintendents are responsible for providing materials that meet all the SBOE requirements as well as present the elements of all the TEKS.

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