Is Texas CSCOPE Curriculum Pro-Islamic?

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Freedom Outpost
by Tim Brown 

Dec. 26, 2012

Back in November I wrote about the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum collaborative’s (TESCCC) company CSCOPE which produces a lot of curriculum used in public schools in the Texas education system. That report had to do with rewriting history and referring to those that were engaged in the Boston Tea Party as terrorists and the act they engaged in as an act of terrorism. Further investigation into the matter reveals that the curriculum is also highly anti-Christian and pro-Islam.

The curriculum, by law, is supposed to be made available to parents for access. According to the Texas Constitution:

Sec. 26.006. ACCESS TO TEACHING MATERIALS. (a) A parent is entitled to:

(1) review all teaching materials, instructional materials, and other teaching aids used in the classroom of the parent’s child;

I was contacted about the matter by Ginger Russell, whose mother, Janice VanCleve, writes homeschool science materials, which she graciously sent a book to each of my own children. Mrs. Russell says that parents have been denied access to the curriculum and that teachers were even given a “gag order”, signing a copy of the gag order without legal counsel, but they are finding ways of obtaining the curriculum to get the word out on CSCOPE. Russell and VanCleave have teamed up to create the Texas CSCOPE Review website to inform the parents of what their children are being taught with this curriculum.

Others are part of the Texas Cscope Review Team. Unfortunately, at this time teachers must remain anonymous. The fact that our Texas teachers are threatened with legal action if they discuss CSCOPE  is part of the reason that I object to CSCOPE. But the primary reason, now that I have viewed some of the lesson content is the underlying Agenda 21 messages, pro-Islamic and anti-Christian as well as anti-American content from K-12.  Janice VanCleave 

So what is CSCOPE putting out? Well, in addition to rewriting the Founding Fathers and historical events like the Boston Tea Party, they are promoting that the god of Islam, Allah, is “Almighty God” and that “one can only find peace by submitting to (Allah).”

The curriculum also teaches various definitions of words used in Islam, what one is to believe to become a Muslim, and says of its founder Muhammad, that he was “married to a rich widow” and that he “became disillusioned with the corruption in the city and the growing gap between the urban dwellers and the bedouins (nomadic herders.)” Nothing is mentioned, however, of his involvement in pedophilia or his well known penchant for beheading entire indigenous people groups.

Muhammad is also said to have been visited by the Angel Gabriel and he it was allegedly “revealed to him that he would be the next and final prophet.” No mention is made that Muhammad believed, if only for a short time, that he was possessed by demons. So did the woman that reared him.

The curriculum also promotes the idea that “non-Muslims in conqueror territory are allowed religious freedom (for an additional tax).”

Unlike Islam, which is only presented as good, Christianity gets the bad and the ugly. Christianity is presented as nothing more than a resurrection of pagan religions and the authors of the CSCOPE curriculum World History Unit 3 Lesson 02 are more than happy to parallel Jesus Christ’s resurrection with Osiris and Mithraism, as well as, point out wrong accusations against Christians for engaging in incest and cannibalism at their “love feasts” and observance of the “Lord’s Supper.”

Ann Work at Times Record News recently wrote a piece on Russell and VanCleave’s fight to expose CSCOPE. She writes:

Russell has been particularly troubled that Wichita Christian School would adopt a curriculum where she believes anti-Christian, pro-Islamic bias had been documented and has contacted them several times about it.

“I do not think for one minute your teachers are promoting the teaching of Islam or Marxism in your school, but you are promoting and funding their agenda by purchasing it,” Russell wrote.

Wichita Christian School Superintendent Karla Wallace said Wednesday that she doesn’t believe CSCOPE could possibly be as offensive as Russell claims.

“It’s very pro-Islamic and it’s anti-Christian. It portrays Islam as being a very positive thing and it gives links for the children to go to that are anti-Christian,” Russell explained.

“Islam is not a religion. It’s a political ideology. And if you are raising our children in the public schools having a positive view of Islam, this is just horrible,” she said.

Ed Vara, the Deputy Executive Director of Academic Services at CSCOPE says Russell’s concerns are unfounded. “Don’t blow it out of perspective. There isn’t a hidden agenda here. I think that’s part of what folks are playing on,” Vara said. “We do have material that talks about what Islam is; some basic tenets about it. It’s not indoctrination. That’s not the role that we play,” Vara explained.

Russel says that the curriculum is far too pro-Islamic without revealing the negative side of the religion.

Donna Garner

CSCOPE was never approved by the elected members of the Texas State Board of Education, according to Ms. Donna Garner, a conservative Christian activist who has been involved in Texas education for many years. She also points out how CSCOPE is getting around allowing parents access to their children’s curriculum.

In an email to FreedomOutpost from Garner, she wrote, “The Texas Attorney General’s office ruled on

4.4.12 (Opinion #449557–

that CSCOPE (TESCCC) is a governmental body and does fall within the scope of Gov. Code – 552.003(1)(A)(xii). This means that CSCOPE (TESCCC) is subject to the Public Information Act (PIA) and should be required to make public its curriculum, tax returns, check register, and bylaws.”

Garner said, “However, because of Section 552.104 (Gov. Code) which makes an exception that protects a governmental body (such as TESCCC) from following the PIA if doing so would give competitors a demonstrable advantage by allowing them to develop similar products and harm the marketplace advantages of CSCOPE, the Texas Attorney General has ruled that CSCOPE (TESCCC) does not have to follow all the PIA requirements.”

“The lawyers who originally set up the TESCCC corporation undoubtedly knew exactly how to get around the PIA laws,” she concluded.


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  1. Last year in World History, a question about what was not a reason for the revolutions of the late 1700’s. The answer choice was Freedom of Religion. When I questioned it in a department meeting, I was laughed at by everyone there all the way to curriculum specialist. The staff had been told basically to quit arguing and questioning controversial questions. I submitted that the 1st amendment was at the top of forefathers list. In teaching this unit i did not mention the American Revolution at all. 100% of 80 students missed that question based solely on prior grade level instruction. This is and was an attempt to change the mindset of our children and scrutinizing teachers into “Do as your told or lose your job”.

  2. Not only is CSCOPE pro-Islamic, but so are many of the textbooks used in junior and high schools all across the country. ACT! for America Education did a comprehensive analysis of textbooks’ treatment of Islam and found widespread misinformation & whitewashing of Islamic history and teachings. You can read all about it at

  3. Charles Johns says:

    I write a monthly column for the Buffalo Gap News which is a conservative paper and my wife also occasionally writes when something hits her “hot-button”! This year I turn 70 but I will remain active in political/social matters as long as I have breath…to save my grandchildren! I witnessed first-hand the East-West wall in Germany newyears day 1964 and thanked God I was born on the West side. I turned 20 in Beirut Lebanon (1963) and witnessed a nation without a middle class. One was either dirt-poor or a very rich sheikh. Thanks to the US Navy I visited Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Lebanon and Sicily and would not trade my little 20 acre farm in Texas for ALL of them. Thanks for keeping citizens informed.


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