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Texas History Teacher Speaks Out!

CSCOPE–It’s a $$$ scheme.

I am a history teacher in TX.

I think I speak for 95% of teachers across the state when I say I hate CSCOPE.

Texas Social Studies Teacher Speaks Out!

My colleagues and I just spent an entire day “planning” for the next six weeks.
Not once did we open one of our recently adopted textbooks. However, we each had a copy of the next C Scope test in front of us. Each of us thoroughly examined the test, having to take each question apart, decipher it, discuss all aspects of its possible meaning and then come up with similarly worded “lessons” so that our students would have a fighting chance of passing the test.

We are still “fighting” to keep our desired goals in mind and trying to pair C Scope with subject matter that we know both interests and enlightens our students.

On the last C Scope test, we had an average of under 40% of students pass and we are teachers who regularly had passing rates of 95% and above on TAKS tests.

Heaven help us if our job security is ever tied to C Scope!

Right now we really don’t care about C Scope scores as much as we care about our students actually knowing things of true value.

Teachers know the CSCOPE assessment scored do not reflect student understanding of concepts being tested, but the administration does. 


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    • I hate to tell you this, but CSCOPE was around BEFORE Obama. Maybe it was president Bush that actually came up with it. Please take your political agenda elsewhere.

      • I don’t care who started it–CSCOPE is bad and we all need to consider our children and get rid of CSCOPE.
        Janice VanCleave

  2. Please, someone, please send me a CSCOPE advocate to show me the way to attain 100% mastery of all grade level TEKS by all 70+ of my fifth grade students (including the modified and accommodated)! NO NOT 70% of my students! NO, NOT MOST of the Category 1-5 Standards! I want ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of my students to be successful with ALL 5th grade level TEKS! Just like my 100% for 11 years straight before CSCOPE made its way into my district! The superintendent supports CSCOPE….WHY?……All our students are failing!….. I don’t get it! I HATE CSCOPE and would quit teaching if I didn’t need an income. I retire in four years! It’s so sad that I am wishing my life away as I wish for the four years to get here quickly!

  3. I agree. I am all for raising the bar. I have been teaching my core subject for 20 years, and have seen the changes year in and year out. I know that most students today…ages 12-18 have most trouble with fractions and multiplication skills….additionally, if they have trouble with exacts, they are going to have issues with estimating. I do not give multiple choice tests, and when I do, E (none of the above) is usually a choice for most questions, I feel my college education along with my high school education and years of service have given me more insight to my students needs that a group of people who may have or may not have taught in the past 10-15 years. I value my test results much more than I value benchmark assessment and multiple choice tests. When 80% of the public (or more) go one way, I find that either someome is lying about the 80%, or something is way wrong….nothing in life is that definate…unless you were a Democrat in Philly last election ???Yeah, you see what I mean…How can 95% of one city vote a certain way ??