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I need your help.

Bacteria and fungi rapidly multiply when given the right environment. Both multiply at a rate that can easily decompose a dead corpse in a short period of time. In comparison, at this time an instruction material called CSCOPE has spread through the Texas school districts in a short six years. To date, about 80% of Texas superintendents and school board members have purchased CSCOPE sight unseen.

The Texas state standards and tests have been the fodder CSCOPE fed on. While the conservative and liberal representatives in Austin fought over what would be taught in our public schools, 19 of the 20 State Education Service Centers (ESCs) figured out how they could make lots of money preparing and selling a product advertised–even guaranteed to be aligned with the state standards and would prepare kids for the state tests.

Senate Bill 6 supplied the icing for the cake in that schools no longer have to purchase text books and can purchase anything they want to and use tax money to pay for it. About 80% of the Texas superintendents have spent our tax money to purchase CSCOPE, a supplementary instruction material that has never been evaluated as text books in the past were. The names of the authors of the CSCOPE lessons are not given. The authors of the schedule that teachers are locked into following is not given. There is not one shred of documentation that CSCOPE has information that is aligned with the TEKS other than the word of the people selling it and the administrators purchasing it. UUM! The content of the CSCOPE material has not been transparent for over six years. Because of concerned Texans, who spoke against CSCOPE at a recent State Board of Education meeting, CSCOPE directors are now allowing monitored viewing of the CSCOPE material. Doesn’t satisfy me because as an online program, any controversial content can be removed and put back in when the dust settles.

While school administrators and school board members may have seen CSCOPE’s scope and sequence (state standards called TEKS and when they should be taught), few to none have evaluated the CSCOPE lessons. The only answer that seems reasonable to me is that these administrators belong to a powerful state organization called TASA/TASB. In 2006 this group announced that they were going to reform Texas education. You can read more about this transformation here. 

 Note, much of the description of the TASA education transformation is in what I call EDUCANESE –a language educators make up to purposely confuse the public and even other educators that don’t know the language.

The bottom line is that a majority of Texas administrators have agreed to this new transforming mission. Since the CSCOPE instruction material was introduced into Texas public schools in 2006, same year TASA launched its transforming mission.  Since 2006, CSCOPE has been purchased by about 80% of the state superintendents and school board members. It seems logical that CSCOPE and  TASA have the same transforming goals, which do not align with the education goals of the Texas Education Agency or the State Board of Education.

You can learn specifics about CSCOPE on this website

For now, I’ll give you a brief overview of CSCOPE and why I need help notifying the general public how it is negatively affecting our children’s education as well as their values.

1. CSCOPE teachers have to sign a non-disclosure contract that prevents them from revealing the content of CSCOPE material.

2. I received a notice today, that for the first time in 6.5 years, parents and those in the community may go to their local school and ask to view CSCOPE lessons and worksheets. But, they may not have copies of either.

I will do this today and give a report. Part of the problem in not having a copy of lessons is the lists of websites references. For example, this site has an article used in a world history lesson that refers to Christians as a cult. Christianity –Roman Empire

 3. Students  in most CSCOPE schools do not have text books in science and math, K-12.

Try taking Chemistry, Physics, Algebra or Calculus without a text book.

4. The teaching style for CSCOPE is called progressive or constructive. This teaching style concentrates on a student center classroom. In other words, kids are expected to discuss topics and share what they already know about it. Teachers are encouraged not to use the traditional teaching style of giving students facts. Instead, teachers are to guide students so that they discover the facts for themselves. I’ve been tutoring a student in Algebra 2 and discovering how to work the problems without a text book is not working very well for him or for me.

5. First grade students are to learn to write letters in 12 weeks, then they are on their own. There is no time in the CSCOPE schedule for more teacher help on this skill. Teacher monitors are hired to make sure teachers stay on the CSCOPE scope and sequence.

I realize that this sound like a Twilight Zone plot, but it is true. I’ve been investigating CSCOPE since Nov. 2011. Others have joined me, including my daughter, Ginger Russell. Recently, Glenn Beck presented a program on CSCOPE and he has expressed interest in doing more.

There is so much more to this problem than just presenting bad lessons. The objective appears to be to put the CSCOPE framework in place, and then, since CSCOPE is an online product, the content can be what ever the group that owns it wants it to be.

One thing that seems to be consistent throughout the K-12 CSCOPE lessons are terms associated with a movement of globalization. The end results being the UN would be the governing power of the entire Earth. This sounds even more bizzare than CSCOPE, but it is already happening. There are meetings around the United States making plans for more people to live in urban areas. The future goal being that the land is not owned by individuals, but the government. Sounds like China. Well, we owe our souls to China so I guess we will be fashioned after them if Americans don’t open their eyes and see what is happening. What better to pull this off than to slowly reduce the education content and teach children from K-12 how great socialism is. Now it has other nice names but it is socialism. Agenda 21 is the name of this creeping globalization–Bush and Clinton and of course Obama is on board with this. Why? Why would these leaders support something that basically gives away the freedoms Americans have–HAD.

It is a big project but we can make changes by changing the Texas Education System. We are leaders. What Texas does is patterned by other states. We need to take back our education system.

Are you aware that against state law, Thomas Ratliff is a registered lobbyist and also serves on the State Board of Education. The Attorney General ruled against this. Said it was illegal–SO WHAT! Ratliff refused to give up his seat on the SBOE and was even reelected. WHY? Because there is no legislation to throw him off the board. So, he takes money from companies and pressures the SBOE to purchase their product.

Texans have had a long siesta and need to wake up and clean out Austin, then work on Washington. First, let’s save our children.

Please send information to everyone you know. Encourage parents and those in your community to start asking questions about what is being taught in public schools.

Teachers and/or parents that are concerned about retaliation from schools can send information to me via email with a note not to reveal their identity.

Send to:

I receive and answer all emails.

For snail mail, Send to:  TxCscopeReview
PO Box 145
Riesel, Texas 76682


Janice VanCleave


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